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Trivia nerds like yours truly here are usually all too eager to get a night of Trivial Pursuit or Scene It! organized at the drop of a hat. After all, what good is useless knowledge if you can’t share it with friends? Know-it-All Trivia knows this feeling all too well, and wants to help trivia geeks around the world share their knowledge in the public forum that is Facebook. And did we mention you can create your own quizzes?

Know-it-All Trivia is a Facebook trivia game that relies entirely on user-generated content. This means there are thousands upon thousands of quizzes available for you to choose from. Everything from One Tree Hill quotes to U.S. presidents gets some face time here, and if there’s a topic that isn’t covered that you’d like to see you can always take a few minutes and create the quiz yourself.

Finding quizzes that fit your niche is fairly easy. The game offers up a rich category system, as well as a search function should you struggle in hunting down your trivial prey.

Every quiz is made up of multiple choice questions, and scoring is based on how quickly you get the right answer. As you complete quizzes you’ll earn “Knowiness” points that will track how committed you’ve become to the game. The game will track your “knowiness” and that of your friends, and it will also track the scores on individual quizzes you’ve taken to let you know how you’ve faired against friends who tackle the same questions as you. If you’re looking to engage in a battle of wits with old chums, Know-it-All Trivia offers the perfect forum chalked full of user-generated content.

At the end of the day though, user-generated content comes with the stipulation that some of it is going to be boring, some of it is going to be stupid, and some of it is just going to be flat out wrong. Know-it-All Trivia does a good job of letting you flag content as adult, offensive, copywritten or spam via a simple reporting system, but it doesn’t seem to let you dispute the validity of a quiz’s answers. If I’m taking a superhero secret identity quiz and it tries to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Superman, I have no recourse to get this corrected or removed for future players. Incidents like this don’t come up too often, but again – user-generated content is only as competent as the user that creates it.

Creating your own quizzes is a fairly simple process. Clicking “Create a Challenge” will take you to a new Facebook app where you’ll plug in your questions and answers, as well as a variety of incorrect answers to round out the multiple choice nature of each quiz. You’ll need to create a minimum of 10 questions for your quiz, but you’re able to add more if you can’t contain your love of knowledge to a slim ten. You can add a picture for your quiz and individual pictures for each quiz, but you’re not required too. The level of polish you put on your quiz is entirely up to you.

Kicking us into a new app to create our own quizzes seemed a little strange, but not nearly as strange as what came after. Once you’ve finished creating your quiz you’ll have to jump through a number of hoops to get it published – most of which has you filling out information as if you’re a developer of your own Facebook app. Know-it-All Trivia, for whatever the reason, creates each quiz as its own separate app. It will still be indexed by the game and available for everyone else to play, but it also exists outside of the system as its own app in the eyes of Facebook. It’s weird, bewildering stuff. And while the game does a great job of holding your hand and baby-stepping you through the process, it still seemed like needless hoop-jumping.

The flipside, of course, is that as its own app you’re going to have access to a lot of neat Facebook stat tracking for your quiz. If you’re a numbers junkie and you want to know who’s enjoying your game, there’s a wealth of information here that will go over a laypersons head.

While the reporting and quiz creation tools could use some work, Know-it-All Trivia provides a perfect outlet for the secret quizmaster in all of us. If you know too much about anything, from Alaska to Zoolander, Know-it-All Trivia offers up the perfect outlet for you to show off your smarts. And if there’s not a quiz in place to let you strut your stuff, you can always make it yourself.

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