King’s Path Solitaire Review – A Neat New Way to Play

The Good

A smart new take on solitaire

Easy to grasp

A decent level of challenge

The Bad

Not as deep as some puzzlers

Can get a bit boring in long play-sessions


King’s Path is an interesting twist on solitaire. Instead of pulling cards from a deck and trying to stack them in the correct way, here you’re working out a path that connects all of the cards on the board together. It’s a simple, pleasing puzzler and we reckon it’s well worth checking out.

Cards can connect in one of two ways – either in descending value or by suit. You have to start you path from the king, then choose a card connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Keep going until you’ve connected all of the cards in a continuous path.

Levels last little more than a minute, but there’s always a bit of thinking, a bit of planning that goes into your connections. There’s a decent challenge here, but nothing that’s ever going to make you pull out your hair or throw your phone in fury.

You’ve got different modes too. There are daily puzzles, an adventure mode with a whole bunch of challenges and a free play mode you can unlock if you spend an IAP to get rid of the adverts.

This is a game designed to add some thought to those spare moments of time when you fancy a quick game. It’s head-scratching but in the best sort of way, and completing a level will give you a neat surge of success, especially if you’ve been stuck on it for a couple of minutes.

King’s Path is one of those games that could only work on mobile, and it does so brilliantly. This is an engaging and entertaining puzzle experience that’s familiar and fresh in equal measures.

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