Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro Review

Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro is an addctive time management game that sticks to the basics

It’s time for Jessica to leave her Cupcake Cafe behind her and set off on a new business venture, opening a bakery that caters to dogs. With the help of her Aunt Margaret and her loyal canine companion, Jessica is off and running and so are you.

Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro doesn’t really bring anything new to the time management genre but it’s still a fun and addicting game. The game begins slowly, you will only be baking one recipe each level for the first ten levels, but after that the pace picks up and you will have to plan ahead to meet your goals, especially if you are shooting for an expert rating.

You are given a period of prep time each level that is about ¼ of the time allotted for the level. You need to use this time to make the treats that you will be serving that day. You will need to prep the batter, bake the treats, frost them and add decorations if necessary. You will only be serving certain items each day, which does cut down on some of the chaos, but most people are ordering multiples so you need to make certain to have enough stock on hand.

You will also be serving food for your customers human companions as the game progresses. Make sure to have burgers, ice cream and other items on hand so that your line of customers doesn’t get too long. You will be serving a wide variety of people and canines, and they all have different personalities. Some are more patient than others and some are better tippers. You can earn bonuses though that will allow you to move faster, your machines to be more efficient or to max out the hearts of your current customers.

If the Bow Wow Bistro is going to succeed you will need to upgrade your equipment. You can upgrade your ovens to cook faster and your batter mixer to produce more items among other upgrades. You can also upgrade the appearance of the bistro which will grant your customers extra patience. It takes customers a long time to lose patience though, so you may want to focus on the equipment upgrades to start.

While Jessica’s Bow Wow Bistro does a lot of things right, it doesn’t really stand out. It doesn’t bring anything new to the time management genre. It feels like many of the other games on the market, only in a different location. There are 50 levels and five bonus levels to complete and after a while they all start to feel the same. The different locations look just like the previous locations and there aren’t a lot of new goals to meet. The only thing that really changes is the number of items you are selling. While the recipes change, this doesn’t affect anything beyond the description. Even so, the game has a very addictive quality to it, and with 50 levels there is a lot of gameplay to be had.

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