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So many ways to gamble your virtual money away

Yes, it’s time for yet another casino-style Facebook game, and the latest to join the fray is Jackpotjoy Casino. From the developer behind Jackpotjoy Slots, the game consists of the standard set of casino concepts. This well-crafted application gives you quite an array of choice, with everything from cards and slots to roulette. A solid single-player experience, the game can be fun in the right hands, but such does seem counter intuitive considering to social nature of Facebook and casinos in general. Other than some leaderboards, social features are distinctly lacking.

The biggest strength of Jackpotjoy Casino is its variety. The game comes with the more common casino games like video poker, slots, roulette, and blackjack, but the developers have also added in three more mini-games for a total of seven. These include hi-lo, baccarat, and pai gow. Each one plays distinctly different from the others, but as you can probably guess already, not everyone is going to know how to play these.

Jackpotjoy Casino

Some of the games are fairly logical such as hi-lo, which merely asks you to guess if the next card drawn from the deck will be of a lower or higher value than the last one drawn. Others, like pai gow, are a bit more exotic and take much more effort to truly understand. To try and mitigate the issue, the developers did include a written set of rules, but most players will likely stick with the games they know best in order to bolster their winnings.

Regardless of game picked, you can enter into low, medium, or high stakes games and bet your starting chips accordingly. In addition to this, many the games have their own sub-modes to pick from. For example, fans of video poker can opt for the mode “Jacks or Better” where hands only matter if the face value of the card is a jack or higher. Another option incorporates deuces as wild cards. Whichever the gaming preference, there is likely one available to suit at least most of the gambling tastes out there.

As far as the gambling aspect itself goes, this is nothing here that feels out of the ordinary, as you receive bonus chips every few hours, preventing you from remaining broke for long should your luck escape you. Additionally, playing garners experience, which grants even more chips upon leveling and participating in games grants a chance to earn random playing cards. These cards form into a poker hand of five and can payout a multiple of 50 chips based on the hand earned.

Jackpotjoy Casino

The single-player aspects of the game are pretty fun, but Jackpotjoy Casino does feel very lacking socially. Everything is asynchronous, consisting of sharing or asking for chips, as well as leaderboards and standard achievements. That isn’t to say any of this is bad, but there never appears to be any interaction with other players. A game of poker or blackjack is just more fun when there is more than one person involved.

Nevertheless, the bulk of JackpotJoy Casino is still enjoyable to play with, and the wide variety of game types and individual game modes gives the app a set of flavors that is rare amongst the style. Most of the time, such games are limited to just poker and/or slots, thus this title is a nice addition to the genre. It does feel a bit lax in the social department, but as a single-player experience it’s one of the better casino games around.

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