I’m Boor Review – A Puzzler That Frustrates and Thrills

By Harry Slater |

I’m Boor is a puzzler about redirecting lasers. It’s presented in lovely, chunky pixel-art graphics, and while it starts off pretty simply, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a head-scratchingly difficult experience. Unfortunately, though, a few missteps keep it from greatness.

The game sees you playing a bearded old wizard, working through single-screen levels that involve moving laser turrets. You do that by collecting tiles that twist them in a specific direction. Later you’ll add mirrors, bombs and more to your puzzle-solving arsenal.

Each puzzle takes some serious concentration. Different tiles twist turrets in different directions, and figuring out the right combination – how to move the turrets, grab the tiles, and get to the potion that completes the level – can take a while.

That’s where one of the biggest problems with the game raises its head. While you can restart a level, there’s no undo button to take you back a step. In a game where you’re going to be experimenting a lot, that can lead to some real frustration as you play through the first section of a puzzle over and over again.

There are difficulty spikes too that compound the problem. Some puzzles punch you straight in the gut and are almost enough to make you give up on the game entirely. And that’s a real shame, because there’s a lot to love in I’m Boor. 

We’re not saying that games should hold your hand at all times, or walk you through anything you might find difficult, but there needs to be a balance between challenge and success, and when I’m Boor gets it wrong, it gets it really wrong. 

When it’s all working, it works brilliantly. There’s a cerebral bent here that sets I’m Boor apart from most of the other puzzlers on the App Store. With a few tweaks, it would be highly recommended. Right now it’s worth checking out, but approach with caution.

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