HyperQuiz Review

The Good

Nice, clean design. Good range of questions.

The Bad

One game mode, one playing option. No variants.

HyperQuiz offers up fun multiplayer trivia, but suffers from a pretty noticeable lack of variation

Pop quiz, hotshot. There’s a quiz app on a phone. Once that app takes up half your day, your day is shot. If it takes up less than half your day, you feel unfulfilled. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Seriously, you’d better answer quickly, that’s half the point of the game. It is called HyperQuiz, after all. You’ll compete against three other humans via the magic that is a wireless data connection in a series of 10 random multiple choice questions. Pick the correct answer out of the four given as quickly as you can, since it’s not just a matter of who is correct but who is correct AND fast with their fingers and brains. You can get all 10 questions right but if you took your sweet ‘ol time answering them, you won’t win the match …and then everyone’s gonna laugh at you.

HyperQuiz HyperQuiz

HyperQuiz is a very nice-looking game. While there’s not much to design with a quiz game that’s this simple, they still took some time to make sure it all has a nice look to it. The game doesn’t have much to mess up interface-wise, and the developers made sure that they didn’t. There’s no discernible lag when the game delivers the questions to the players or in registering your response. Haptic feedback lets you know when you and each of your opponents have answered. The running tally of questions reminds you how you’re doing, but you won’t know whose leading overall until the final question is answered and a winner is crowned.

Though the game doesn’t really do anything wrong, there’s nothing else to do besides play the only match option it presents. There are no variants on the match and no single player options. I can’t fairly judge the game on content that’s not there, but I don’t mind pointing out that it would be nice to at least have the illusion that there’s something else to do.

This app will probably stay on my phone for a while when I need a trivia fix. The topics are all over the place, and the devs are uploading more questions all the time. Registering an account will allow you to keep track of your progress over time and advance on the leaderboard. Quiz games aren’t exactly invading the Android Market, so it’s nice to see that there’s at least one out there that’s worth checking out – even if it is a bit thin in terms of options.

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