Home Run Solitaire Review: Batter Up

In the mood for either baseball or solitaire and can’t quite make up your mind? Home Run Solitaire is a shockingly competent combination of the two popular past-times that’ll keep you clicking for hours on end. You play the role of an underdog rookie looking to prove himself in the major leagues. The best way to do that, of course, is to play a killer game of solitaire. Hey, it’s a fun game, we never said it made sense!

Home Run Solitaire plays out like most casual solitaire games. Each level presents an array of cards, most of which are hidden from view. The top cards are face up, as is a single card next to the deck at the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to take cards from the array and move them to the stack. You do this by matching numbers that are either one above or one below the target. For example, if the deck card is a two, you can place a three or an ace on the pile, regardless of the suit. Each move frees face down cards and snags you a few points, all in the name of clearing the screen and completing the inning.

Home Run Solitaire introduces some fun twists to the standard solitaire formula. One of the early ones is the home plate obstacle. When this icon appears over a card, you have to go digging for a hidden runner card before you can move the blocked card. This forces you to focus on particular pieces of the screen instead of just making any old match, adding extra strategy to an already intense solitaire experience.

Outside of the main click and match formula, Home Run Solitaire spices things up with an in-game store that offers all kinds of game altering bonuses. You can also equip items to help you out of a bind, things like extra undo moves or quick reveals of face down cards. There’s even a few hidden object scenes thrown in to keep you on your toes, but don’t worry, most of your time will be spent staring at card arrangements trying to find that one missing king!

Home Run Solitaire takes you on a journey through the rookie’s career, which is a nice way to couch the whole solitaire experience. Each level presents a new backdrop and new obstacles, and if the card artwork starts to get boring, you can switch it up at any time in the options screen.

Home Run Solitaire has all the basics of a solid and entertaining solitaire game. It’s easy to play, there’s plenty of challenge, and the core mechanics are both interesting and unique. The in-game shop, items, and hidden object diversions add a new layer of fun on top of things, making this an easy title to get addicted to. Best of all, you don’t even have to like baseball to enjoy it!

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