Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?! Review: Wholly Fun

Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?! should really come with a warning on its download screen: this game is highly addictive. This silly simulation game which first appeared on desktops in 2015 is now available for mobile, and now that you can pick it up and bring it with you everywhere you go, it’s almost impossible to put down.

There is no logical reason as to why Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?! is so engaging. While parts of the premise are unique — for example, there has long been a dearth of potato-themed games — the overall concept itself isn’t particularly original.

It’s a simulation game with a capitalist basis. Your goal is to build up your business, in this case a weapons shop, in order to accumulate the funds needed to continue to expand and grow your business. Keep it going and eventually you’ll be a weapons tycoon, developing the strongest, most durable and best-loved weapons in your universe.

Holy Potatoes Designing Weapons

Progress through the game is fairly straightforward. As you develop your weapon-building skills and sell your weapons to the heroes of the land, you’ll develop a reputation. Leaps in reputation can net you travel tickets, used to unlock additional lands.

As you move from land to land, your smiths (the key avatars you use to move around the game) will be able to bring different materials back from exploration journeys that can be used to unlock new weapons types. New weapons types allow you to make more money off the sale which keeps the whole cycle moving.

As extra motivation, there’s also an annual awards show. Stick with Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?! and you just might see your name in lights.

Holy Potatoes Awards

But a large part of what seems to make Holy Potatoes! so addictive and enjoyable to play is its sense of humor. It might be a game that’s centered around you being the best weapons manufacturer and dealer in the universe, but it’s all very tongue-and-cheek in town.

This zany sense of humor is also apparent from the get-go, hooking you right from the start. The background story, that you’ve inherited a tiny fraction of a weapon shop yet are immediately put in charge of it despite not having any qualifications or experience, is outrageous enough. Combine that with the fact that the clearly illegitimate majority owner doesn’t seem to have a solid understanding of just how much a take he should be collecting when he comes for his visits, you’ve got a compelling story on your hands as well. The fun goes right down to the little details — the currency used in-game is called $tarch.

Holy Potatoes Opening Screen

While some of the most humorous nuances of the game might go over the heads of its younger players, Holy Potatoes! Is the perfect game to enjoy as a family. The colorful graphics and cute potato avatars are likely to be equally beloved by young players, their parents and even their grandparents. It’s probably worth a tenner to be that even teenagers won’t be able to resist the charms of this game, with its perfect balance of hard and soft, humor and darkness, joy and serious business.

Holy Potatoes Weapons Sale

From top to bottom, Holy Potatoes! is a delightful game. It really, truly is. There are few games that can deliver as many days, weeks or even years of fun as Holy Potatoes! A Weapons Shop?!

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