Happy Clinic Review: Time Management, Stat!

The Good

Simple, satisfying time management gameplay.

Loads of upgrades between stages.

The Bad

Levels tend to drag on for a bit too long.

Playing as a doctor is far more entertaining than being a doctor. Happy Clinic takes that philosophy to heart with a straightforward time management experience that puts you in the shoes of a nurse working her way to being a full-on medical doctor. Carrying pills, changing sheets, sterilizing tweezers, and putting patients in a magical cure-all pod are just some of the things you’ll do for the sick citizens of this hospital¬†–and you’ll do them all with lightning fast speed, too!

Happy Clinic keeps the time management simple and focuses on task queues instead of wild power-ups or game-breaking upgrades. Sick patients walk in the front door and await your personal touch. Drag them into an empty bed, then summon the correct doctor to diagnose their illness. When the doc knows what’s what, fetch the appropriate medicine from the equipment around the room. Various types of pills and supplemental treatments are all fair game, some of which are as simple as picking them up and dropping them off, while others require more time to complete.

With the right treatment in hand, deliver the goods to the doctor and your sick patient will stand up, healed by the mystical powers of science. Clean the bed and deposit the sheets and you’ll be ready for the next patient. Work fast and try not to send the nurse running back and forth too much, as customer patience drops when they aren’t being tended to, and if you’ve ever been to a hospital in the real world, you know how frustrating those waits can be.

Between levels you’ll get a chance to spend some cash to upgrade just about everything in your hospital room. Give the nurse a faster walking speed, upgrade her tray size, add some new beds or extra doctors, make the pill dispensary better, and so on. There’s so many things to upgrade it almost doesn’t matter how you spend your money. That hands-free cure-all Med-O-Matic device sure does come in handy, though.

Happy Clinic takes place across a handful of hospital locations, each with their own layout and items to upgrade. The story inches forward between areas, though don’t expect much in the way of character development or plot arcs. This game is razor-focused on time management and doesn’t provide a lot in the way of distractions along the way. You either click in an orderly fashion or you get a rubbish score, it’s that simple. Fortunately, Happy Clinic is elegantly balanced to provide a good level of challenge without being frustrating. Keep healing patients and keep thinking three steps ahead, those are the keys to success in this wild world of medicine!

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