Greedy Spiders Review

The Good

Great puzzling action. Good for short burst play and longer plays. Lots of clever ideas packed in.

The Bad

Some solutions are a little trial and error.

Greedy Spiders is a tasty mobile puzzler that will eat up your free time

Oh those greedy spiders. You would have thought that having eight legs and being able to construct silky webs was advantage enough against the dim-witted flies, but no – now they’re playing all sorts of nasty tricks to catch their prey. Fortunately, the flies have you on their side to show those creepy crawlies what’s what.

Greedy Spiders is the perfect mobile puzzle for jumping in and out every now and again, or even rushing your way through it if that’s how you’d prefer to play. Just be warned, however, that while it starts off all simple and friendly, just like those tricky spiders it quickly reveals itself to be far from it, with fiendish solutions and lots of head-scratching required.

With furious appetites and rumbling tummies, the spiders set up an elaborate scheme to catch the flies off guard. Dressing up as a fly rock and roll band, the spiders lure their prey into the tavern, and when the flies aren’t suspecting a thing, the trap is put into motion.

Now the spiders are crawling along their webs towards the stranded flies, and you need to use your scissors to cut the strings and free the flies before the spiders can get to them. The action is turn-based, so as you cut a string of web, the spider will also make a move towards the flies.

You have two options – either you can cut a fly off from the rest of the web, freeing it from its sticky prison, or you can cut the spider off so that it can no longer reach the required parts of the web. The more quickly you solve a level by cutting the most efficient strings, the better your star rating will be.

Along the way, you’ll also be granted other abilities that will swing the flow of battle in your favour. For example, fire can be used to burn multiple strings in one go from a central node, potentially cutting the spider off in several directions.

As the different powers start to build up, however, the going gets really tough. Greedy Spiders is incredibly clever and certain levels had us seriously working our brains off. Things can tricky where a spider can move into a point where it can reach two flies on its next go – and swallowing just one is game over, so it’s essential that you don’t let this situation arise.

Greedy Spiders

Greedy Spiders

Because the levels are so short, it’s perfect for picking up and playing on the go, on a lunch break, or when you’ve got some serious writer’s block, as this particular writer can vouch for. It’s worth noting, however, that since it can become incredibly tricky, some may find the solutions rather frustrating.

Fortunately this is remedied somewhat by the fact that you can tackle three levels at a time – if one particular web is giving your grief, you can simply exit to the level select screen and skip to the next one.

Greedy Spiders is clever mobile gaming that is both cheap and highly entertaining. If you’re looking for a quick puzzle fix, this is the perfect cure.

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