GodsWar Review

When is a Facebook game not a Facebook game? When it’s an MMO using Facebook Connect.

The most important thing to understand about GodsWar Online is that it’s not really a Facebook game. It won’t run in your browser and requires a fair-sized client download. GodsWar Online is really just a typical localized Asian free-to-play MMORPG that happens to support Facebook Connect. When you play GodsWar Online “through Facebook,” what you’re really doing is just logging into the game’s Facebook server. If you’re the sort of player who likes Facebook games you can poke at in your browser during TV commercials, you can stop reading this now. You don’t want to play this game.

For those of you who are left: how much do you like free-to-play Asian MMOs? That will probably determine how much you enjoy GodsWar Online, which is a perfectly competent but not at all spectacular example of the genre. You make a character, finish simple quests, and kill a lot of unaggressive enemies. There are the usual grouping options, vanity items you can buy for cash, convenient items you can buy for cash, and fan-favorite MMO gimmicks like forging weapons and acquiring mounts.


In theory, the plot of GodsWar Online has something to do with Greek mythology. When you make your initial character, you’re asked to determine whether you’re from Athens or Sparta along with other decisions like character class. It seems to be GodsWar Online‘s answer to World of Warcraft‘s famous Horde/Alliance factional divide. In practice, this just seems to indicate that you see a lot of Greekish names when you start playing the games. The things you do in GodsWar Online are basically identical to the things you do in most any free-to-play Asian MMORPG you’d care to log into.


This is not to say that GodsWar Online is a bad game. It’s actually quite fun and relaxing, full of useful little features like a friendly, easy-to-program interface for setting up combat macros for your character. The game’s minimum resolution is still relatively high (800 x 600), so play it on a laptop or netbook at your peril. The fully 3D visuals are very attractive if you can run it. GodsWar Online‘s world seems to be one of petite brightly-colored anime characters, all wielding massive weapons and traveling through an ancient city that doesn’t resemble Athens in the slightest.


If you want to really get into GodsWar Online, there’s clearly some depth to be explored. Forging weapons clearly lets you build your character in a fine-tuned killing machine if you care to explore the system. Getting pets is fun and they can also give you a boost. Most of the mounts are attractive and acquiring one is a perfectly entertaining goal. The game is solo-friendly but there’s clearly plenty of things to do with a group if you get so into it that you decide to guild up or convince friends to play. This is not really a game designed around Facebook or the needs of the Facebook gamer, though, so proceed with caution.

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