Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover Review

Get your house in order with hidden object fun in Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

When we last played Gardenscapes, Playrix offered us a chance to create the garden of our dreams by completing tons of hidden object scenes in order to earn money via a never-ending yard sale. Now that the garden is the talk of the town, plenty of friends want to come and visit. Unfortunately we’ve spent so much time out in the garden that we’ve completely forgotten about the sad state of the mansion itself! In Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover, you’ll need to throw another yard sale in order to purchase upgrades for your mansion before your friends arrive.

Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover is like a friend you haven’t seen in some time who has acquired a couple of new hobbies since you last met. Here, you’ll find that the home’s scenes have been updated with all new items to find in each, but the same repetition has been carried over from the original experience. That is, while there are a wide variety of rooms to search through, they repeat on a sort of cycle, with 20 customers arriving at the left side of the screen, each with their own demands. You’ll still need to claim your profits regularly, which can make things just a bit hectic if you’re playing on a timer (you can also choose to play without one for a more relaxed game).

As in the last game, power-ups and coins are scattered throughout each scene. If you’ve used one of your five hints, you’ll be able to find question marks in scenes as well, which will show you a visual of each item on the shopping list, rather than forcing you to find these items based on text alone. In addition to the camera power-up that highlights all required items in a scene, you can also collect thermometers that turn your mouse into a hot-and-cold game, highlighting items in red for hot and white for cold as you’re closer to them (or farther away).

Back in the mansion itself, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades for flooring, furniture, bookshelves and other large structures, along with decorative upgrades like birdcages or electronics. You’ll have various options for each upgrade, which vary in terms of price and appearance, and after you complete each set you’ll complete various light mini-games, asking you to stop a leaking roof, play with your dog and more.

 Mansion Makeover

Overall, Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover isn’t really revolutionary, but it’s more of the same charming and downright fun gameplay that the first game offered. The power-ups offer you a chance to make the game as easy as you’d like (or as difficult, if you ignore them), and the customization options mean that no two players will really share the same experience when all is said and done. Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover is an incredibly solid and polished hidden object game that, while repetitive, offers a certain spark that just can’t be defined. If you enjoyed the first Gardenscapes title, or enjoy games like it, you definitely need to try this one out as well.

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