Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Review – A Bunch of Bone Crunching, Head Popping Fun

By Glen Fox |
The Good

Bone crunching combat

Loads of unlockables

Excellent visuals and animations

The Bad

The voice acting and writing could use some work


Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a brand new beat ’em up in which you have to try and survive against the zombie hordes in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll use a wide variety of weaponry, from baseball bats to assault rifles as you complete a variety of different missions as one of Earth’s last survivors.

While it’s not a particularly unique set up, we can guarantee that it’s an awful lot of fun. The combat is insanely fun, and you’ll really feel the crunch of melee weapons and the head popping when blasting away enemies with rifles.

It’s a pretty linear affair, with you following a straight path through a variety of levels as you tackle zombies, elite enemies, and bosses. Along the way you’ll level up, unlock new abilities and perks, and discover a wide variety of weapons.

The Combat is Insanely Fun, and You’ll Really Feel the Crunch and Head Popping While Blasting Away

You’ll barely go a second without something to hit or shoot, be it a crate, barrel, or an undead dog. That’s right, there’s a wide variety of enemies big and small to defeat, and just as many weapons to do so with.

There’s also a sizeable achievement system that rewards you with valuable resources for pretty much every action you take. Well, you’ll have to do a whole lot of each of the actions but, suffice to say, the rewards are often worth it.

It’s also a pretty decent looking game visually. While it’s mostly pixels, there are plenty of special effects, and the animations are pretty on point. Besides, pixels are great – stop hating on them.

Fury Survivor is a free to play game so it might be that the game increases in challenge as it goes on, forcing you to purchase some meatier weapons or resources.

We Didn’t Encounter Any Free to Play Nastiness During Our Run Through

During our few hours so far, we hadn’t encountered any of that, and the only prompt to spend money was for a mini dinosaur pet that would follow us around.

So we’re not going to say that pay to win or any nasty free to play mechanics are hidden in the experience, but the early game didn’t feature any. We managed to get through just fine as a free player.

Overall, we find it pretty easy to recommend Fury Survivor: Pixel Z. It’s an awful lot of fun, with crunchy combat, lots of stuff to collect, and some great visuals and special effects. The freemium mechanics weren’t very intrusive during our run either, so that’s another win for this awesome new beat ’em up.

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