Flick Fishing Review

Let’s admit one thing about mobile games. Sometimes we find ourselves playing them when we should be doing something else. Like in the middle of a meeting – when you’re supposed to look like you’re checking email or doing something productive – but you’re really just trying to sneak in a few extra minutes playing your favorite game on your phone. Well, let me warn you right now – Flick Fishing is NOT a game you can play without everyone knowing what you’re doing.
Flick Fishing is a perfect name for this fun-filled fishing frolic. You play by “flicking” your wrist with the iPhone in hand, much the same way you would flip a fishing pole to cast a line into the water. Then, with a tap you transform your screen into a reel. As soon as you get a bite (which is signaled by a vibration), you rapidly turn, turn, turn to reel in the catch.
If you’re like me, you will quickly lose yourself in the experience and try to cast your line farther, turn the reel faster and measure your success by the size of the fish – all the while not paying attention to how close you’ve come to throwing your iPhone across the room unintentionally. This is one game you might want to play with a wristband fastened securely in place.
So, what’s the object of the game? To catch fish of course! But, as in real life, the fish don’t come easily. You have to figure out what bait will lure them. Live bait? A spinner? Worms? If you use the wrong approach, you will sit and wait for a long time, which brought back childhood memories of fishing with my dad and brothers. The thing I remember the most is the waiting, waiting, waiting until someone got a bite – and then it was very exciting. I was the oldest sister with five younger brothers, so I always got the task of gutting and cleaning the fish, which is the most unpleasant part of those fond remembrances. Maybe that’s one reason I thoroughly enjoyed Flick Fishing – all the excitement of fishing with no guts to clean afterward!
Although the game sounds easy, it can be a challenge to master. The tutorial in the first level is brilliantly done. You learn how to play with very little effort. Once you learn a few tricks (like what bait to use), you find yourself striving to break records by catching the biggest fish of each type.
You also inadvertently bring up old boots and junk, and occasionally you snag a ‘treasure chest’ that delivers more points to your score. I found myself getting better and better at catching the big fish, but there were so many locations to choose from and so many fish to catch, that I was entertained for hours (and so were all my family members who wondered what I was doing flicking my iPhone in such a strange manner).
The peaceful ambient sounds, beautiful graphics and the life-like action of casting, reeling and getting a bite make this a wonderful game for all ages. A small child will enjoy the easier levels and experienced fishermen will feel the challenge of trying to reel in those monster catches.
With 7 locations, 9 types of bait and tackle, 12 tournaments and loads of unique species of fish, Flick Fishing is a terrific bargain. My only word of advice is to make sure you don’t play this game in a meeting, unless you want everyone to know you’d rather be at your favorite fishing hole.

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