Fishjong Review: Nothin’ But Net

The Good

Simple, straightforward gameplay with no distractions.

Fun customization options.

The Bad

No real hooks unless you're mad about mahjong.

Fancy a little seafood with your mahjong? Fishjong takes the ancient tile removing game to the beach with a simple puzzle game that’s oh-so easy to play. A customizable visual presentation lets you pick the tile set that works for you, then it’s 108 levels of pure zen matching. No distractions, no mini-games, no crazy side quests, just you and the little fishy tiles.

If you’ve ever played mahjong you’ll immediately feel at home with Fishjong. Each level presents a tile arrangement loosely modeled after some kind of sea creature. Crabs and fish, lobsters and seaweed, they’re all here! The goal is to remove tiles until you gain access to the pair of target tiles hidden below. The catch is you can only take pieces that aren’t blocked in, forcing you to be strategic with which tiles you match and which tiles you let be. It’s easy to match your way into a dead end, so think before you click.

In-game you’ve got a few options to make sure you don’t get stuck. Tile highlighting shows which tiles are available to match, allowing you to tell at a glance which moves you can make. If you’re a hardcore mahjong fanatic you can turn it off at the touch of a button. There’s also a quick undo feature as well as a shuffle option for those moments when you just can’t go any further. Fishjong does penalize you 1,000 points for shuffles, however, so keep that as a last resort if you want to earn three stars in each level.

To give you a bit of visual leeway, Fishjong provides a customizable look and feel with swappable tile colors, backgrounds, and symbols printed on top of the tiles. Need something easier on the eyes? Try the numbers or simple symbols. Want something more entertaining? The default fish symbols are worth a smile or two. Looking for a classic feel? Chinese characters it is!

Beyond its 100+ levels and a handful of customization options, Fishjong doesn’t do much in the way of innovation. It’s a tile removing mahjong game with a pleasant seaside theme, plain and simple. You’ll find enough convenience features to keep frustration at bay, but ultimately your success is up to your own puzzle solving prowess. It’s just you and the tiles, no distractions or avenues of cheating. If you’re a mahjong fan or just like your casual games nice and straightforward, Fishjong is the way to go.

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