Fashion Fix Review

Being a mom is a busy job. Being a working mom is even crazier. Who has time for fashion? I'm lucky if all of my clothes are in the right place and properly tucked in or out, let alone worry about being fashionable. My kids keep threatening to nominate me for the TLC show What Not To Wear because they're so embarrassed when I wear my comfy Crocs in public. So, I was thrilled to get all caught up on my fashion sense with the very girly, but very entertaining Roiworld: Fashion Fix.

Your objective is to help the main character, Romi, become the most fashionable girl in town by creating “approved” outfits for every situation including a shopping trip, a blind date, a class reunion, and many more. If you don't dress Romi fashionably, then things go wrong. Suddenly, your blind date has other plans. If you pick a “fashionable” outfit (including hair and accessories), then your date shows up and you have a wonderful time! The scoring is pretty simple. If your mix and match of clothes, hair and accessories are a success, you'll score between 100 and 300 points (the max) and you can move on to the next challenge. If you score less than 100 points, you're a fashion disaster and you have to try again.

Roiworld: Fashion Fix is like “digital paper dolls.” Only you've got lots more choices, and you get to do fun things like add accessories, apply makeup and do a little bit of shopping. When I was a young girl, I loved playing with the “old school” paper dolls my mom would buy me to keep me occupied. Back then, we didn't have designer labels and mix and match fashion quite the way we do today. It was pretty simple. If you were a girl, you wore a dress. Today, the fashion choices are endless, so I really enjoyed being brought up to date. I was humbled by some really low scores when I first started playing. But after getting some tips from my thirteen year-old daughter, I was able to regularly get some pretty high scores.

Even though they didn't intend that meaning of the word, I do feel like I got my “fix” or dose of fashion dos and don'ts while playing Roiworld: Fashion Fix. The gameplay is not like your typical puzzle or hidden object game. For me, it was fun to “try on” all of the clothes, without worrying about the cost or my size or figure flaws, etc.

Although there are 50 different levels with loads of combinations of clothes in this iPhone game, I found out that there is a web site with even more choices. According to the press release I read, Lifetime (the cable channel for women) bought, which was originally a popular Korean web site. According to the web site, it says there are more than 1,000 free games to play while “making over the looks of stars and public figures.” It says members get to “play the part of make-up artist, fashion designer and celebrity stylist.” I think that accurately sums up the gameplay.

Even though I found Roiworld: Fashion Fix highly addicting (for women and girls), it is not without flaws. I'm not sure who proofed the text, but I did find some embarrassing typos (“ups” instead of “oops”). And I found the sound effects and sound track to be almost non-existent. It's amazing to me that the developer didn't stop to think about all of the fashion shows we have on TV these days. Music and fashion go together like wine and cheese. I believe a good experience would have been even better with appropriate music and better sound.

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