Fashion Designer Review

Design the outfit of your dreams in Fashion Designer

Have you ever dreamed about designing your own line of clothing? If so, this is your chance. Fashion Designer is a Facebook game that allows you to step into the role of an upcoming designer. You will be purchasing new designs, embellishments, and accessories as you build your portfolio and take on more demanding jobs.

Fashion Designer is definitely geared towards women. You can only play with a female avatar and you will only be designing gowns. If you wish to customize your avatar you will also need to be playing Mall World. The two games can be linked and you can display your designs in your Mall World shop. You can also purchase other players’ designs.

Fashion Designer

The majority of your time in Fashion Designer will be spent, unsurprisingly, designing gowns for clients. To choose which client to work with you can click on either the dress form or your project folder. You will be given a list of potential projects and the requirements for the project. These requirements range from style of dress to specific color schemes and embellishments. If you do not have all the requirements you will be given the option to purchase them if you have enough cash.

There are numerous design kits, embellishments, and color schemes that you can purchase, either using the cash you earn by selling your designs or by using Facebook credits. The embellishments are where the true customization comes into play. There are numerous embellishments that include patterns that you can customize and 3D items like bows and flower ornaments. All items can be resized, recolored, rotated, and layered to create nearly limitless designs.

While Fashion Designer does a lot of things right, the gameplay can become repetitious after a while. Beyond designing gowns there is nothing else to do. So once you have designed a couple dresses there is little you can do until they are completed. You can visit your friends and look at their designs, but at this time the social aspect of the game seems very limited.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer does have an added layer if you also play Mall World. The two games can be linked, allowing you to display your designs in your shop in Mall World. Also, if you play Mall World you can customize your avatar. It is frustrating that you do not have this option if you choose to only play Fashion Designer.

As you play Fashion Designer and complete more and more designs you will be building your portfolio. Unfortunately, the game only saves your last 20 designs. As you design more gowns the oldest design will be deleted and there is no way to get it back. If you wish to save a design, you have two slots in your portfolio that you can save them to. If you wish to save additional slots you will need to purchase them with Facebook credits.

All in all Fashion Designer is a fun game that allows for a lot of creativity on the players part, but doesn’t offer a lot in additional gameplay.

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