Fae Farm [Switch] Review – The New Standard

Our Fae Farm review covers the best things about the game, what we love about it, and how it sets a new standard.

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Fae Farm has quickly become one of my favourite games on the Nintendo Switch. The hype prior to launch was infectious, and I kept a close eye on all Fae Farm announcements whilst patiently waiting for the release. Now, there’s a lot to delve into, so grab a warm cup of coffee (or tea!) and let’s get started.

Fae Farm is the latest entry in the cosy farming sim genre with a sprinkle of RPG elements. Customise your character and head out on a magical journey throughout Azoria. Help to restore the island as you build up relationships, grow crops, tend to your animals, and so much more – all whilst being a fairy!

Living My Fantasy Fairy Life

image of fae farm as a player tends to their farm crops which cover a range of different vegetables, the player has a rain cloud above them as a cooking station table prepares food and a cauldron brews a potion, there is also a character frying food in a pan next to the furnace and brewing station

I could gush for hours about how wonderful Fae Farm is. It’s the cosy farming game that I’ve been awaiting for what feels like a very long time. While farming games are common on the Nintendo Switch, none of them have ticked all of the boxes – but that’s where Fae Farm comes in.

Fae Farm blends beloved features of farming games with a mystical environment, likeable NPCs, and tons of goals to work towards. I often think back to my time in Stardew Valley as I wander around the world of Azoria. The exciting feeling of having lots to do, and the freedom to do it, is what makes this genre so special to me. You can wake up and decide to spend the entire day in the mines (don’t forget to bring energising snacks though), go foraging for resources, or decorate your abode – and that’s not all.

Fishing, crafting, cooking, brewing, farming, and looking after your animals are just a few of the activities that you can do in Fae Farm. Add the backdrop of a beautiful forest filled to the brim with mysteries, including a creepy area with bats, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an incredibly engaging game. The world of Azoria feels alive and while the shop NPCs are nothing more than vendors, the actual characters are witty and charming. The ambitious Cinder helps you to upgrade your tools, Cleo teaches you the ways of the island, and Argyle loves frogs.

Similar to other farming games, you can indeed marry a character of your choice. As you interact with NPCs, you build up a friendship which can lead to romance. It’s important to note that there are only six marriage candidates in the game though. Luckily, Fae Farm makes it clear to players who is romanceable and who isn’t. The best way to efficiently improve your relationship with your fellow citizens is to give them gifts – and make sure it’s one of their favourite items!

The Activities of Azoria

image from fae farm of a player sitting on stools at a wooden barrel table with the character argyle as they chat over a pint of drink and fruit, there are glowing candles on the table too as they sit inside the tavern

Anyway, let’s dig deeper into the gameplay of Fae Farm – yes, that was an intentional mining pun. A feature that stands out to me the most in this game is the freedom of movement. You can jump absolutely anywhere, allowing you to get to your destination pretty quickly. Plus, going in the water doesn’t harm you, which is a huge bonus. You need to craft special Seals to unlock waypoints, which makes it much easier to get tasks done as you progress through the game. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that there’s a waypoint next to the mines!

On the topic of the mines, Fae Farm does it right. Mining can be tedious and lackluster in some of the other farming games I’ve played, but Fae Farm makes it fun. The further you get into the mines, you come across enemies that you have to defeat using your magical weapon. Sometimes I just want to pop into the mines to get the resources I need, but this extra layer of combat keeps it fresh and challenging. As mentioned above, you can craft seals for waypoints, and the same goes for the mines. There are different types of seals to craft for certain sections of the mines, but once you use them, you can travel freely between each floor.

While I love having the freedom to do whatever I want, I appreciate the structure of the main story quests and side quests. You aren’t forced to do them, so you can spend your time fishing, crafting, and farming to your heart’s content. The main story does lock some content behind it though, so it’s best to keep up with it as much as you can. At times, you can naturally work through quests just by doing your daily tasks around Azoria.

Now, crafting and decorating are features that I take delight in. So, I was understandably ecstatic when I noticed how many things there are in Fae Farm to build. House upgrades, crafting stations, clothes, and furniture are a few examples of what you can create – as long as you have the correct resources! Additionally, you come across Recipes as you explore the island, which provide you with brand-new items to craft.

image of 4 players in fae farm travelling across a magical aura bridge, they all have fairy wings as they hold their tools, ranging from a fishign pole, catching net, and magical wands, there is a flowing river and plants beneath the magical bridge

The animals are also adorable. You can feed, pet, and brush your animals to take care of them – my favourite thing about the animal care is seeing the Cottontail jumping around in excitement as it gets some fresh air. Looking after your animals rewards you with important materials that you can use to craft, making it a crucial part of your farming experience. That, and the abundance of seeds that you can plant to grow a plethora of vegetables, flowers, and even trees.

My Final Thoughts on Fae Farm

Before I finish this review, I need to touch on the fairy element. I may be biased, but I am an avid lover of all things fantasy – including fairies. The fact that I can walk around with magical, and customisable, fairy wings is the icing on the cake in Fae Farm. With some NPCs being fairies, including two marriage candidates, I truly believe that Fae Farm is the perfect game for me.

If you love Stardew Valley, Sun Haven, and the earlier Harvest Moon games, you are sure to find yourself enjoying your time in Fae Farm. While there were some concerns about the pricing, it’s easy to say that it’s worth it. Fae Farm has hours of content to play through and it’s clear to see the amount of love that went into it during development. The attention to detail is amazing, and it certainly sets a new standard for the genre.

The good

  • Charming environments
  • Engaging NPCs
  • Tons of activities to do (mining, crafting, foraging, etc)
  • Perfect for those who love the fantasy genre
  • Incredibly relaxing and cosy

The bad

  • Few bugs from launch, but nothing game-breaking
  • Placing furniture down in your desired spot can be a little finicky at times
90 out of 100

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