Epos H6PRO Review – Pro Level?

By Johnny Peterson |

Along comes another Epos product, and it’s another solid entry in the gaming headset market.

We’ve already covered both the Epos H3 Hybrid and Epos H3, with this looking to offer a premium experience for online gamers. Whether it does enough to deserve that moniker is debatable however.

This is undoubtedly a well constructed piece of kit like all of Epos’s output though, admittedly.

Despite the use of metal parts over plastic it still feels weighty and durable enough to last many a gaming session, and also enables the set to be comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The ear cup design helps with this massively too, although the black unit’s addition of gold in the colour scheme is questionable.

In terms of the audio quality itself, it does actually offer a different quality of sound to its rivals thanks to its open backed design. It gives a flat response, which allows high-mids and highs space to really shine.

No, it doesn’t offer quite the consistent output of more expensive headsets in the space – but this design choice still helps differentiate itself in an overcrowded market, which is no bad thing.

Sadly what will put many off of the H6PRO is that it’s a wired set, which is understandable. It does feel restrictive, and despite it boasting a nifty detachable mic it does hold the headset back – especially considering its on-the-higher-side price tag.

However if you are in the market for a wired set then you won’t go far wrong with the H6PRO. It boasts great build quality and unique if high quality audio performance.

The Epos H6PRO costs £149 and can be purchased from the EPOS website.

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