Epos H3PRO Hybrid Review – Best of Both Worlds?

By Maria Alexander |

We’ve been given yet another Epos headset to look over, and this one is possibly the most fully featured yet. As you might well expect seeing as it has the word “Hybrid” in its name. 

Targeting a range of people including gamers, music listeners, and at home workers, this is a headset that sets it net out wide – and mostly succeeds.

Building on the impressive foundations of the EPOS H3 Hybrid (which we covered here), it’s another solid feeling headset made of sturdy hard plastic. The ear pads are made with a combination of leather, suede, and mesh – but combine well to create a comfortable experience.  

When it comes to ports this is a headset that doesn’t hold back either, with support for nearly every connection method available. There’s also the option to detach your mic and a USB-C port is used for charging. A 2.5mm input exists for the detachable 2.5mm-to-3.5mm cord too, which you can then plug into anything that has a headphone jack.

There are some lovely small touches when it comes to the general design here too. The mic mutes when you flip it up, there’s a faceplate included to cover the hole when you remove the mic, the list goes on. 

When it comes to the software there’s a range of extra features available via the EPOS Gaming Suite companion app too. You can switch between sound options and regular firmware updates for the headset and USB dongle.  

Then there’s the sound quality, which like the other Epos headsets we’ve covered is generally impressive. Although the ANC performance isn’t top tier the noise cancellation works very well, and we didn’t encounter any patchiness in performance when using it to play a range of games and music. 

The battery life lasted between 20 and 30 hours for us, with a full charge taking about 2 hours. What is disappointing is the need to use the battery even over 3.5mm connections, considering the range of input and output options. 

Ultimately the H3PRO Hybrid may be a fairly costly headset, but it does an excellent job at covering several bases – and is accessible enough to work for almost any user, regardless of their needs. There are some minor issues, but these are easy enough to forgive. 

The Epos H3PRO Hybrid costs £239 and can be purchased from the EPOS website and the Currys website.

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