Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey Review – Portal to Paradise

The Good

Great graphics and a fun, lighthearted story.

Impressive variety of scenery.

Excellent core gameplay with interesting twists and turns.

The Bad

Difficulty stays pretty low throughout the game.

Aeryn is a kind and responsible elven queen. While lounging around her kingdom one day, a mysterious man falls out of a once inactive portal. As it turns out his world is in a bit of trouble, and he could use some help tidying things up before the dreaded doomsday arrives. Aeryn activates the portal and follows the man through, finding a realm all but destroyed by a mysterious foe who leaves nothing but a path of destruction in its wake.

Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey is a casual resource management game that’s all about being a good and efficient person. Or a good and efficient elf, as the case may be. Each level features a maze of twisty roads blocked off by obstacles. By gathering resources and sending workers out to remove those obstacles, you can clear a path, repair the land, help people, and continue your journey.

Your main resources in Elven Legend 4 are wood, food, water and crystals. Each of these can be snagged from loose piles or regeneration altars scattered around the map. You can also build things like farms and wells to provide a steady flow of resources. As you scramble along the way you’ll encounter merchants and NPCs whose needs are a little more complex than wood and water. One of the early levels, for example, requires you brew a potion by exchanging resources for herbs then mixing them in a cauldron.

Branching even further from the resources meets inventory gameplay, Elven Legend 4 sprinkles in some fun extras to keep you on your toes. An optional hidden object style hunt in each stage lets you search for bonus items stashed around the area, things like cute animals or potion bottles. You can also activate spells based on a timer at the bottom of the screen, giving you the ability to increase resources generated or make workers move faster.

A quick description of Elven Legend 4 gives you enough info to know what the game’s all about, but once you start clicking through the levels you’ll realize there’s a surprising amount of variety here. The item and inventory system is a relatively new feature to the resource management genre, and Elven Legend 4 puts it to a wide range of uses, all of which are perfectly bound to the main gameplay loop of generating resources as efficiently as you can. There’s also a lot of variety in the settings.

You’d think a game about an elven princess would be all foresty and stuff, but here we’ve got Clockworld, Flaming Tower, Seaport and more. Lots of color, lots of surprises, and lots of fun. Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey is a top notch resource management game with just the right amount of bells and whistles.

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