Echoes of Sorrow Review

Echoes of Sorrow is a beautiful HOG, but definitely on the short and easy side

Echoes of Sorrow opens with you desperately running from a shadowy figure when you suddenly fall and everything goes dark. When you awaken you find yourself trapped in your own mind, but you are unsure why. You must unlock your repressed memories and find your way back to reality before it’s too late. Along the way you must uncover the identity of the shadowy figure that is lurking in your memories and banish him from your mind.

In Echoes of Sorrow you will travel through your darkest memories to uncover your own identity and that of the person seeking to destroy you. The subject matter is dark but the storyline is intriguing. You will visit several locations, each dealing with a specific memory that you have repressed. You will search for items that will help you remember and you will be rewarded with a soul stone. You will use these stones to unlock the chains that are keeping you locked in your mind. You will also need to banish the shadowy figure that is looming in each of your memories. As you do this you will uncover the figures identity so that you can confront them once you wake up.

Echoes of Sorrow

Echoes of Sorrow is made up of hidden object scenes and inventory puzzles with several simplistic puzzles scattered throughout. There is only one mode for the game and it is very easy. An experienced adventurer will find the hand-holding in the game to be somewhat over the top. Hidden object scenes are marked by sparkles, items that can be interacted with are highlighted and objects that can be picked up sparkle. It is very hard to get stuck in the game.

The graphics in Echoes of Sorrow are gorgeous. The items in the hidden object scenes are clear and blend well with the backgrounds and everything fits with the location. Each location has its own distinct feel while maintaining the spooky atmosphere of the game. The music in the game fits the mood and is pleasant to listen to. There are no voice actors but there isn’t much talking until the end of the game so it doesn’t really detract from the game.

Echoes of Sorrow is not without its flaws. The game is extremely short. I was able to finish in just around an hour and a half. An experienced player will find the game to be on the easy side. You are told exactly what to do so it is almost impossible to get stuck, but it also takes some of the fun out of solving the game on your own.

Echoes of Sorrow

If you do find yourself stuck at any time in the game you can click the hint button. If you are in a hidden object scene, you will be shown where an object is. If you are trying to figure out where to go next you will be shown an item you can interact with or be directed to leave the scene. If you become stuck on a puzzle you can choose to skip it after the skip bar fills.

Even though Echoes of Sorrow is short and fairly easy, it is still a very enjoyable game. If you are a fan of the darker/horror genre and are looking for a quick diversion I definitely recommend giving this game a try. It’s also a great game for someone who is new to the IHOG genre.

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