Drop Wizard Review: Enchantingly Old-School Fun

The Good

Simple controls

Engaging and straightforward game mechanics

Bright and happy visual presentation

The Bad

Sometimes difficult to predict enemy movement

Levels must be repeated until the zone is completly cleared

In a time where nearly every mobile game released is a match-three, an endless-runner, a tower-defense, or a resource gathering/waiting game, it is always refreshing to get my hands on a game that doesn’t fit into any of those previously mentioned genres. It’s doubly refreshing when the game features a bright and happy visual presentation, and triply so when the game is a blast.

We’re pleased to tell you that Drop Wizard is a triply refreshing kind of game.

In Drop Wizard, players control a wizard who is tasked with clearing each level of enemy monsters. The gameplay is controlled by players tapping the left and right side of the screen in order to move the wizard left and right. These are the only two controls in the game, making Drop Wizard a very accommodating game for players of all skill levels.


Running to the edge of a platform will see the wizard drop off the edge and down to the platform below. If the wizard is at the bottom of the level, he will simply drop down through the bottom and fall back through the top of the level, ready to repeat the descent. Each time the wizard lands he bops out a magic star that flies across the screen in the direction he is facing. These magic stars are the wizard’s sole weapon, and are used to disorient enemies so the wizard can run up to them and kick them out.

Enemies roll across the platforms when kicked, snowballing into any other enemies that they come in contact with, instantly taking them out. If timed right, a lucky player can clear an entire level with just one or two star shots.


But wait, there’s more! Drop Wizard adds a curve ball into the mix to keep things interesting: once the wizard starts moving, only two things can stop him: victory…or death.

Players must constantly juggle the wizard back and forth in order to time his descents to make use of the enemy-nullifying stars, while simultaneously watching out for enemies dropping down on him from above. While some enemies remain patrolling back and forth, others will drop right off the edges of the platforms, following a similar, albeit much more predictable route, as the wizard.

While it is initially frustrating to incorrectly predict an enemy’s movement pattern, the punishment for error is not too severe, allowing players a few extra tries before it’s totally game over and they must restart the zone from the beginning.

Because each zone is broken into a few levels, and the levels themselves can be cleared in a short amount of time, even completely failing a zone is not that much of a setback.

drop wizard review

The final stage in each zone features a boss fight that introduces a unique mechanic that players must utilize to defeat the boss. For example, one of the earliest boss fights requires the player to directly cross into the boss’s line of sight in order to enrage the boss, who then drops smaller enemies which the players must then zap with a star and kick into the boss. Nothing too difficult, but enough to keep the game interesting.

Drop Wizard is an easy to play, charming one-screen platformer that plays excellently. If you’re looking for accessible old school fun, give this one a play.

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