Dream Planet Review

Dream Planet is a very boring dream, and an even more boring game

Dream Planet is one of the newest city building games on facebook. Unfortunately, at this time, it can barely be called a game. You begin by selecting the planet you wish to build on, choosing from several different terrains. But once you have chosen your terrain you are on your own to start building your city.

Unfortunately, you are given no direction on how to proceed. There is no tutorial unless you click on the help button, and even then, it’s three short screens with very little information. Don’t worry though, you won’t need any real guidance in the game, because there is very little to do.

Dream Planet

Dream Planet has no quests or goals for you to complete. Until you reach level six, all you can do is purchase buildings and wait for them to earn cash, or decorate you terrain. There is nothing else to do or purchase. You will spend most of your time waiting for your buildings to earn you money and that takes a while.

At level six you can start searching for other planets to build on as well as build military buildings so you can battle your friends. You can build two types of buildings, offensive and defensive. When attacking a friend’s planet you can either damage a building or throw garbage at it. This is an odd idea, as most Facebook games have you helping your friends, not trying to destroy what they’ve built.

Dream Planet

There are many buildings that you can build and they all earn different amounts of money. The more buildings you have the higher your population is. There doesn’t seem to be a benefit to having a large population, though. Your buildings earn a set amount of money every few hours; the population has no bearing on it. You can also upgrade your buildings to earn more money.

Dream Planet feels like a game that is still in the very beginning of development. The lack of things that seem to be standard in Facebook simulation games really makes it feel thrown together. There is nothing in the game that would encourage someone to return and check on their planet on a regular basis.

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