Dr. Daisy Pet Vet Review

From restaurants, witch’s dens and weddings to daycare centers, bakeries and hair salons, the “micromanagement” casual games are one of the hottest genres today. A new game, Dr. Daisy Pet Vet, introduces a budding veterinarian as the heroine of the story. It’s good, and animal lovers will enjoy it, but it’s not as good as other entries in the genre (most notably Diner Dash), nor is it a wholly unique offering.

In the game, Dr. Daisy has just graduated from veterinary school and needs to complete five rotations to finish her residency. Beginning with the local Goodpaw Veterinary clinic, Dr. Daisy must diagnose and heal animals with varying illnesses.

The game-play works as follows: Animals come into the waiting room and must first be processed by the receptionist, which means you click them in the waiting room and then click the registration desk. Then it’s time to assign them to an available bed in the examining room. Click them again to begin your assess them, which usually results in giving them medicine from a cabinet, and onto the next patient you go.

Sounds easy, sure, but keep in mind you could have ten patients in the clinic waiting to be looked after and they don’t have all the patience in the world. In order to complete the day and move onto the next – each of the five locations feature ten levels apiece – you must reach a minimum of “yellow” on your Happiness meter, and bonus points are given for reaching the “green” bar.

As with the Diner Dash games, you’ll find yourself furiously clicking around to take care of everyone by keeping an eye on those who’ve been waiting a while, plus you’ll get bonus points for chaining two of the same moves together, like registering two patients in a row. In the first level, you’ll also have to take X-rays with those with possible broken bones and wash your hands after looking after animals with Indigo Fever (with a cloud of purple smoke around them).

While pets are the first batch of the 30-odd animals you’ll encounter – including dogs with halitosis, a cat with allergies, a hyperactive turtle, bunnies with earaches and seasick goldfish – in no time you’ll be taking care of all kinds of animals (even at a zoo clinic and a sea park) including zebras, monkeys, owls, bald eagles, flamingos, lizards, bats and penguins. The graphics are quite cute. One of personal favorites is a goldfish in the waiting room reading a magazine on a fishing hook hanging outside its bowl!

After every few levels you’ll be able to upgrade the look or functionality of your location in various ways, be it a coffee machine to keep patients in the waiting room satisfied longer or better floors for an aesthetic boost. You will also get new equipment to handle the increase in animals visits such as new examining rooms and additional waiting room chairs.

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet is a lot of fun, but it’s not overly original and there’s only one mode to choose from. Also, the different animals keep things fresh, and you’ll read about their illness at the start of the level, but all animals are basically treated the same; perhaps it would be fun to have a challenging secondary game mode where what you did for the animal was directly tied to their illness. Minor issues aside, this game is a solid B that’s worth downloading for the free trial to see if you like to register to keep fixing your feathered friends.

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