DoubleDown Casino Review

DoubleDown Casino is an uneven gambling experience

They say gambling can be traced back to ancient times, and modern dabblers in the games of chance now have a wide variety of options when trying their luck in the digital space. DoubleDown Interactive has placed its bet with DoubleDown Casino, but can this latest gambling sim hit a jackpot with Facebook users?

Upon first logging into DoubleDown Casino, a wheel of fortune will spin, adding the value you land on to your daily casino allowance. You’re given a few thousand virtual dollars to play with each day, which ensures a decent amount of playtime each visit to the casino.

Once you enter the casino lobby, you’ll find four main gambling options to choose from: blackjack, slots, video poker, and roulette. Slots also offers a tournament option, but with entry starting at $3 million, only high rollers need apply.

DoubleDown Casino

Blackjack is pretty straightforward. There are currently four table types to choose from, each varying in entry cost and rewards. The slow play table is where I spent the majority of my time when playing blackjack, as the buy-in is a mere $250. Considering you’ll start your day off usually in the neighborhood of $50,000, you can get considerable mileage out of the slow play table. Players can select from a list of tables already established or opt to quickly join whatever table the game matches you with. You sit down, buy your chips, and the dealer hits you on the next hand. The gameplay works fine, but the presentation here is pretty ho-hum.

Slots spruces things up a tad, and there are definitely ample slot machines to choose from. Even here, however, DoubleDown does little to distinguish itself from other gambling sims on the Web. You’re given a range of betting options, and though you can win big here, you can also walk away from a single machine having lost all your dough for the day. Most players will likely find themselves playing until they hit a bonus round, which is usually when the big winnings kick in. At the end of most bonus rounds is a mini-game that allows you to try for additional hidden bonuses. Slots is probably the highlight of the entire DoubleDown Casino.

Next on the list is video poker. There’s no video to speak of, and interaction between Facebook users is virtually nonexistent, making the game title something of a misnomer. But the game selection is decent, and the gameplay itself is quick and clean. Whereas other virtual poker games might require you to wait on other players to contemplate their hand, video poker lets you play at your own pace.

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino‘s final offering is roulette, which also happens to be the least compelling game in the casino. The wait times are tedious, and the gameplay is hardly interactive. Players who know how to work a roulette table, however, may find a fun gambling niche here.

DoubleDown Casino certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel; in fact, it does very little to stand out from the crowd of free, online gambling sims. It does add a few neat features for Facebook fans, such as a coin system that allows you to purchase tickets for high-stakes lotteries. The daily gambling allowances are generous, and the interactivity on the blackjack table might be a boon for users looking to make new friends. The game optimization, on the other hand, is pretty shoddy, and the presentation leaves much to be desired.

But if you’re simply looking for gambling in short spurts without having to leave the Facebook community, you could do a lot worse.

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