Disney Emoji Blitz Review: Derivatively Cute

The Good

Ridiculously cute

Free emojis for your keyboard

Ideal for quick bursts of gaming

The Bad

Very familiar format

Coins are dispensed slowly

You've played this before. A lot.

Disney Emoji Blitz is a fairly enjoyable and fast-paced Match-3 game. It’s also really quite derivative, feeling a lot like a game you’ve probably played before. Still, cute Disney stuff, right?

Each round of Disney Emoji Blitz lasts about a minute, with that time boosted through a few smart moves while playing. Matches are made in the customary way of swiping a finger around to line things up. The key here is to be as fast as possible. While you want to line up some clever combos, ultimately, you just want to be reacting quickly. Aiming for matches at the bottom is generally the way forward here.


It’s all fairly business as usual, with a few minor tweaks. For instance, you can activate a Blitz mode, meaning more points and more time to enjoy a session. You’re also given special moves via the Emoji you’ve selected. Nemo’s move, for instance, throws a few more mini Nemos your way, meaning it’s easier to accrue a combo. Each Emoji also comes with a bonus, such as extra points to gain. You can pick up items too, which go towards a collection, which eventually lead to more points and an increased multiplier. It’s a simple idea but also quite effective.


Disney Emoji Blitz adds a little more depth through what goes on outside of simply matching. You’re tasked with a series of missions to complete, with those missions eventually leading you to level up. Oftentimes, they’re as simple as activating Blitz mode a certain number of times, or using a particular character a few times. It’s nothing too taxing, but it gives you a sense of progression. Levelling up unlocks new things, boosts your score, and generally makes you feel good about yourself. Also, you gain coins. These can be used for one-off boosts before a level begins, but they can also be used to buy boxes which unlock to provide you with new Emojis.

There’s a certain ‘gotta catch em all’ principle at play here, bolstered by the fact that you’re probably particularly keen to unlock your favorite Disney character. You can collect over 400 different characters and items, meaning there’s a ton to do here. I wouldn’t be surprised if future updates add more favorites too, giving you plenty of reason to keep on playing.

That’s where Disney Emoji Blitz draws you in. At heart, it’s an incredibly simple Match-3 game that you’ve seen before. It’s not too heavy on the in-app purchases, although there are limited lives to slow down your progress, meaning it’s mostly quite good for kids. They can get to grips with the relatively simple unlock system, while enjoying seeing their favorite characters become available. You can also use the unlocked emojis outside of the game, via a keyboard addition.

Don’t get too excited, though. They’re oversized and don’t fit into the general emoji theme very well. But hey, it’s free.

Disney Emoji Blitz appreciates that it doesn’t have to try as hard as other games thanks to its licensing. That’s an issue, of course, because it really is a game you’ve played before. Yet despite any cynicism you may have, you’ll invariably find yourself dipping in every once in a while. I never felt the urge to buy any in-app purchases, but it was an ideal palate cleanser when I just wanted to play something mindless for a time. It’s annoyingly cute too.

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