Disney City Girl Review

Disney City Girl offers good times and fun fashions for young socialites.

The story of hopeful young people leaving behind their humble farm homes for the lights of the big city is as old as city life itself. When the first cities and towns were established, girls and boys left the country and battled crowds and homesickness to leave their names amongst the teeming masses. Disney City Girl is a Facebook social game that narrates the new, exciting life of one such gal, and her in-game efforts pay off far more than they would in the real world—but hey, who wouldn’t like to have everything handed to them while living in New York City?

You play through Disney City Girl as a young woman who’s just arrived in New York City from her small farm town. It’s a big switch, but you’re not alone; several of your college friends have made it to the city before you, and they’re eager to show you the ropes.

Disney City Girl plays like a low-calorie version of The Sims. You need to decorate your home, find work as a fashion designer or chef (more options are coming soon), and work your way up the corporate ladder. You also need to find time for fun, food, socialization, and shopping. Your needs are measured by a meter at the top of the screen, and if you let yourself slip into the red, you’re going to wind up shepherding one very unhappy girl from place to place.

Luckily, it’s easy to keep yourself busy and happy in Disney City Girl. Sleep or rest when you’re tired; work when you need a little self-worth; talk to your girlfriends when you’re lonely, and bathe when you start smelling a little ripe. True to most Facebook games that follow the life of budding socialites, Disney City Girl also offers a wide range of wardrobe options for work and play.

Disney City Girl

Disney City Girl is quite cute; young players who are into games about fashion and socialization will have a lot of fun with the game’s polished graphics, chatty characters, and over-stuffed wardrobe. Older players might not remain engaged for long, however, since Disney City Girl is pretty easy to play. Unlike its inspiration, The Sims Social, the life-sim aspect of Disney’s effort isn’t very complex and you wind up feeling disconnected from your avatar.

Also, Disney City Girl is a social game through and through. Advancing in your career often requires you to get recommendations from friends, and even constructing some furniture requires you to get items like screws and keytools from other players. Oh, Ikea. First you let monkeys run rampant in your stores, and now you’re shipping incomplete furniture kits.

Disney City Girl is ideal for fashion-crazy players who might be a little too young for a Sims game. Everyone else should look for another reason to hang out in the city that never sleeps. We recommend catching some theatre.

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