Dirty Dancing on Facebook Review

Dirty Dancing on Facebook is fun but definitely not the time of your life

Okay, confession time. I have never actually watched Dirty Dancing from start to finish, so when I was asked to review Dirty Dancing for Facebook I was hesitant at first. However, after playing the game, I can safely say that you don’t need to know more than the most basic plot of the movie to understand the game, a simple but fun resort management experience.

When you first start the game you will get to choose who you want to help you, Johnny Castle or Frances “Baby” Houseman, both characters from the film. They will guide you through the tutorial, and provide tips throughout the game. You will be running a resort, building new and exciting attractions to bring in more and more guests. Your goal is to help your guests fall in love. To do this you will be creating dance routines and earning romance points that you can spread around the camp.

Dirty Dancing on Facebook

There are numerous attractions and decorations that you can choose from and each item you build will earn you money and hearts. Each attraction will take a specific amount of time to earn these bonuses, and you will need to click on them when your guests leave the attraction to collect your earnings. Hearts are extremely important to earn because they work as experience, so when you’ve collected enough of them you will level up, which unlocks new items and attractions.

One unique feature when you level up is the ability to unlock on special item. You are given a couple of items to choose between when you level up, or you can use watermelons (the game’s premium currency) to unlock both. Levelling up will also earn you one watermelon and unlock images in your scrapbook, which don’t really add anything to the game other than a loose connection to the film.

You will need to build up a strong dance team to be successful in Dirty Dancing. You can purchase dancers (yes, purchase, not hire) or you can invite your friends to join you. Each dancer has a style of dance that they are proficient in and you can combine them in unique ways. Each dance routine requires at least two dancers, but you can create more involved routines by adding additional dancers. The more dancers you have, the longer the routine will take to complete, but you will also earn extra romance waves. You can also earn bonuses by discovering dance combos, which are created by combining different dance styles.

Dirty Dancing on Facebook

There is no energy in Dirty Dancing and you can play as long or as little as you want. However, your dancers do have energy and after they have performed a show they will need to rejuvenate for a period of time. You can speed up the process by using watermelons if you have them, or you can use any other dancers you have available. You are also limited by the number of guests you can accommodate. You will need to build additional cabins to make room for more guests.

Dirty Dancing isn’t without its flaws, however. Other than building attractions and spreading romance waves there isn’t really a lot to do in the game. The pixel art graphics are similar to those in Habbo Hotel, with everything looking like it’s made from Legos. The music is from the movie, but it’s limited to short clips that get repetitive very fast. Also, without the addition of the movie stills and the character names you’d never think this was based on the movie. (Well, the title might give it away).

All that said, Dirty Dancing is still an enjoyable, if slightly repetitive, business management game. You might not have the time of your life, but you’ll definitely have some fun.

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