Dawn of the Dragons Review

Dawn of the Dragons is a Facebook game that goes far beyond sword and sorcery

Dawn of the Dragons is a role playing game that provides far more than your standard gaming experience. There are so many different areas to explore and challenges to complete, that time can easily slip away while playing this game.

You begin as a farmhand working in the fields until you witness a horde of monsters descending on the village of Burden’s Rest. You pick up your pitchfork, climb onto your trusty horse and begin your adventure. The main plot involves questing through the village and surrounding areas, gaining experience and leveling up on the trail of dangerous dragons bent on world domination and enslavement.

When you are not adventuring, you can visit the bazaar and purchase items, buy land to earn money or check up on your collections and crafts. Collections are items dropped during missions that you can collect for increased attributes. Crafts are items that can be created by gathering the proper materials.

Dawn of the Dragons

There are several different levels of battle in Dawn of the Dragons. The standard battle is player versus player where you can earn gold and experience. Once you’ve beaten an in-game boss, you have the opportunity to summon him for battle with the help of your friends. This time the boss is much more powerful, but the swag from beating him is pretty awesome.

By far, the most unique aspect of Dawn of the Dragons is the guild system. Guilds are like clubs that players can join for camaraderie and guild raids. Like standard raids, guild raids allow members to fight monsters using the legion system. When you gain generals and soldiers, either through in-game play or purchase, they are put into your legion. Once in the legion, you must assign them to a formation. Formations can be purchased or found in-game as well. When you join these guild raids, you use your legion formations in battle. When you battle in guild raids, you use a third bar called honor instead of the standard stamina bar.

Dawn of the Dragons

One thing that makes this game shine above so many others, is its use of flash to enhance the gaming environment. Flames dance at the bottom of the player versus player screen, a river runs through Burden’s Best and items can be dragged and dropped into their specific slots. This adds a new dimension of realism that many other games lack. Also, the sheer number of things you can do and check up on, keeps you engrossed in the game after your stamina and energy has been depleted. If you need to wait five minutes for your energy to increase, you can check your collections, chat with some guild members or see how your raid is progressing. All of this is controlled at the top of the screen with easy to understand buttons.

Dawn of the Dragons

Initially, the game’s scope can seem overwhelming as you’re trying to get a handle on everything. The tutorial is excellent, but there’s still a pretty big learning curve. People familiar with role playing games, such as Castle Age, will have an easier time. newbies will need to give it a few days before everything can be fully understood.

There are also a few technical bugs I noticed while playing. The flash creates an amazing game, but can be slow to load on some computers. Also, the drag and drop was a little sluggish, so I finally just resorted to double, clicking items into place. The most annoying bug was how the game would time out while I was in the middle of playing. Your whole screen suddenly disappears and you have to hit the “Play Game” button. While this doesn’t effect much more than your enjoyment in playing the game, it became very irritating as I waited for the Flash to load.

Dawn of the Dragons is an engrossing RPG that provides far more options that most Facebook games available. It makes you want to keep going and learn more about the dragons and their motives. This is an amazing game if you can get past some of the bugs, which will likely be fixed with time.

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