Cut The Rope: Blast Review – A Familiar Match

By Harry Slater |

If you’re hoping that Cut The Rope: Blast is another physics-based cartoon puzzler, then you’re going to be a bit upset when you load it up. It’s actually a match-stuff puzzler featuring characters from the smash-hit series. Once you get over that disappointment, you’ll find a perfectly serviceable casual mobile experience.

You’re matching blocks of the same color to clear them from the board. There’s no swiping or swapping – you just tap on groups of two or more blocks and they’ll vanish. Matching more blocks will give you special tiles you can use to clear big chunks of the board in one fell swoop.

There are different goals on each level – clear a certain number of blocks, pop some bubbles, clear a path for different critters to get to the bottom of the screen. You can unlock different boosts that give you an edge in the challenges as well.

There’s a life system that sees you taking a hit when you fail a level, with your lives regenerating over time. You get bonuses for finishing levels without failing, and these stay until you do lose a life.

Cut The Rope: Blast doesn’t do anything outside of the ordinary – if you’ve played a match-stuff puzzler in recent years then you’re going to get exactly what you’d expect here.

It’s well put together, and it manages to capture some of the charm of the main series, but it feels like the Cut The Rope dressing is an afterthought rather than the core of the experience.

This isn’t a bad game, by any means, and it’s got a tight, compulsive loop that’s going to keep you playing for longer than you might expect. But in the end, it’s just another matcher with a few perfunctory twists thrown in. 

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