Cupcake Corner Review

Cupcake Corners Offers Delicious Goodies Without That Pesky Salmonella Worry

Cupcake Corner is a delightful little store where everyone knows your cholesterol level. Ok, maybe it’s not the cupcake equivalent of Cheers, but it still provides fair game play, but offers little new and is pretty typical of the genre.

The player has just taken over Cupcake Corner and the goal is to make the store the happening place for confections by crafting the best cupcakes, brownies and pies that the digital world has ever known and keep your customers happy.

Cupcake Corner

Every dessert takes different amounts of time to prepare from only a few minutes like cupcakes to several days. The more time it takes to complete, the more luxurious the item and more servings for the customers.

The store starts out small with three ovens and two counters to place your completed items and a steady stream of customers that come in to sample your wares, sit at your tables and leave tips. The more popular your store is, the more tips they leave. You can also increase your tips by decorating your store with various items such as tables, chairs, wall decorations, etc.

When your customers get what they want, they leave happy. The more happy customers you have, the more customers will come to the store. The game play is very similar to other games of the genre including Barhopping and Tattoo City.

As you gain levels and earn the right cook more delicious doughnuts, you can expand the store and add additional ovens and counters. The more ovens and counters means the more items you can make and provide to your customers. You can also visit your friend’s stories and take any extra tips that might be lying around.

Cupcake Corner

Cupcake Corner is typical of the store management type of game and offers little new other than the type of product being sold. With that being said, there is one aspect that makes this game shine: customization. Unlike many other games that separate the characters by sex, this game allows for truly outrageous combinations.

I created a spiky haired zombie with 5 O’clock shadow, a lavender blouse and some hillbilly teeth. Who wouldn’t want to buy a scrumptious apple pie from a guy like that?

The game also gives you a steady stream of customers from the beginning, which was a nice change of pace from many other similar games. Many start you out with only a couple of customers at a time, but I had four tables filling up and more on the way within 20 minutes of starting.

Cupcake Corner

The game needs to have something more to it than just the standard running a store scenario. There is literally nothing to separate it from the tons of other games out there. Cupcake Corner is a good game, but it’s a boring old chocolate chip cookie in a white chocolate macadamia world.

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