Classic Word Games Review

Classic Word Games brings old school to the digital age

I remember in elementary school the teacher would bring a couple of people to the chalk board for a game of Hang Man. It was simple and yet fun and I still remember it to this day. Classic Word Games brings that thrill back, but with a broader vocabulary and few more games.

You better have a sharp mind and fast fingers to compete in four word games that will test your mental muscle. Hang Man is a classic game where you are given a clue to a word and then empty spaces where the letters would go. You then type the letters you think might go in those squares. For example, to cast off is the clue with four spaces. That would be shed. Thank you very much, I RULE! Booyah!! If you type too many wrong letters, you don’t save one of your Facebook friends from the hang man.

Classic Word Games

In Pull-Pull, it’s a vocabulary tug-of-war with a random friend that is controlled by the computer. You are given 16 letters and have to create as many words as you can from those letters. Each word is worth points and the higher the points the further you tug in the winning direction.

Classic Word Games

Mumble requires you to type as many words as you can using four different letters provided to you. For example, if the letters were, n,u,l and c, you could write nuclear. You have to create as many of those words as you can within a time limit. The more times all the letters are used the higher the score. If you only use two or three of the letters, the word still counts, but it is worth much less.

Classic Word Games

The final game is called Magnets and requires you to create as many words as you can using only the six letters provided. It doesn’t matter if it is a three letter word or six letter word, only that is uses the letters given to you. The more letters you use, the higher the score.

Each game has three stages except for hangman, which has a fourth, but that can only be unlocked using 100 marbles. These marbles are given away at the end of each word game.

Also, the game has a ranking system and the higher your score the better your rank. You can go from a lowly dunce to big muscles and beyond.

A fifth game, Wordfall, is coming soon.

This game doesn’t have a lot of frills, fancy graphics or crazy characters. It doesn’t have to, it’s a word game. The graphics are like something drawn on a chalkboard and is a perfect fit for the overall mood of the game. The game uses the profile pictures of you and your friends and places on the heads of their characters, so it looks like you are playing tug-o- war with one of your friends or saving one of your friends from the hang man.

The one area this game is lacking is variety. I would have loved to have seen more kinds of word games, but it seems more are being added gradually.

Classic Word Games is a great way to pass the time with some of your favorite games from school. It helps jog your memory of long lost words and brings back those wonderful feelings from elementary school.

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