Chromentum 2 Review

By Ruff Bismonte |

The Chromates are in need of a hero to bring back color to their lands, and there’s no one better to fill that position than you as you pit yourself against hundreds of brain-wracking 3D puzzles in Chromentum 2.

Chromentum 2 brings back the addictive gameplay of the original Chromentum as you again try to manipulate several Chromates in the game board to put them back to their proper places. This time around, you get to experience better graphics and sound effects, enhanced level designs, and an engaging storyline not present in the previous game. Not to mention a whole new array of Chromate characters too, ranging from the weird to the outrageously wacky, making this sequel looks more like an entirely new and original game.

Chromentum 2 plays much like the original game, where your objective is to put chromates (shiny balls with freaky eyes) in their corresponding places in the board. To do this, you must make use of the hardened chrome-finish of either Goldy or Sweety to bump other chromates into perfect position as designated by colored circular tiles.

Physics play a great role in the game as you take into account the speed by which you set off your primary chromate. In fact, the whole game dwells upon the idea of Momentum Transfer, which is probably why it’s named Chromentum, right?

The idea of the game is to earn the most number of stars possible. One star point is awarded for every level you successfully complete, and two star points are awarded if you complete a level using the least number of actions possible. Star points are very useful on later parts of the game, because aside from unlocking bonus levels, you also get to purchase hints and solutions for hard puzzles. Or if you’re looking for a quick fix, you can trade more star points for an instant pass.

One wonderful thing about Chromentum 2 is how it makes you look forward to playing through the levels by incorporating bonuses and an adventure-based storyline not present on the original game. Bonus levels are just the same as normal levels, but will only take one move to finish, therefore presenting more innovative and trickier situations for you to figure out. And even though there’s not much depth in the game’s story, it’s still a very good addition that brings a much-needed break from all that serious puzzle stuff.

As a matter of fact, I’m just amazed on how many extra features are present in this sequel. Aside from the Novice, Student, Scholar and Master levels, there are hundreds of more challenging puzzles awaiting you, like the Miniature cramped levels and Extra levels claiming to be more difficult than the ones presented on the original flow of the game.  

This sequel begins to introduce newer chromate types too, from the fungus chromates that changes color whenever you hit them, to the ghost chromates that easily get scared of other chromates that manages to move by its side (ironic, isn’t it?). There are a total of 14 new chromate types, and each type involves you solving 24 more puzzling levels. Later levels will have you encountering mixed chromate types too, which I bet you can already imagine makes these kinds of levels very daunting at first glance.

If that’s not enough, the included level editor will have you designing your own levels too.

All in all, it is quite obvious that Chromentum 2 is one very long game to finish, and the whole game will take you a good number of hours even when using hints. While this means that you’ll definitely get what you paid for in terms of gameplay length, it also means that the game can be very tiring if you wish to finish it in one go. I bet that isn’t even possible, but if you’re up to the challenge, I simply suggest checking the game out.

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