Chloe’s Dream Resort Review

Chloe’s Dream Resort is a polished and entertaining time management game

Did you know that a fully cycle of sleep includes visiting five different locations that resemble vacation resorts? This is the interesting premise of Chloe’s Dream Resort, a new time management game from Fugazo that proves to be exceptionally entertaining and polished.

Chloe’s Dream Resort features 60 levels with only one mode, but you are able to reach expert or normal goals depending on how much money you earn in each level. Throughout the game you will visit five different locations where Chloe has to entertain visitors and fight their nightmares to ensure a good sleep. The five resorts are different thematically and include a casino, a beach world, and a ski resort to name a few. The game will keep any player busy for five or six hours easily, so its length is definitely worth the money.

Chloe’s Dream Resort plays like a mixture of the Delicious and Sally series’, although it can easily stand on its own, too. Visitors have to be brought to different activities by clicking and dragging, and Chloe will take care of all of their demands. Those activities, tasks and items change between the various resorts, although the layout stays basically the same. However, the resorts look highly different, not to speak of the fact that the game feels and plays so fresh and unique that the basic similarities of locations are not a real problem.

Visitors may want to enter a submarine, order meals and drinks, take a ski lift or just demand certain items and services which generally suit the theme of any location just perfectly. Chloe’s Dream Resort does not include any pace-breaking, repetitive mini-games, but rather focuses on a very quick and smooth pace which challenges any player’s organizational skills and demands a good sense for details. Apart from keeping an eye on visitors the player also has to be on guard against nightmares such as a chain-smoking frog. Those nightmares suddenly appear and have to be clicked away quickly, otherwise they will reduce every visitor’s patience, or even scare them away immediately.

The pace of the game is certainly challenging and hectic, although the learning curve is extremely to the point. Throughout the five resorts you will rarely feel overwhelmed, while the game also avoids being too easy, there are no levels where you can just sit back and lapse into an automatic clicking routine. Another nice touch are quick mini-games between some levels to get free and helpful upgrades. Those small games mostly demand good reflexes and take around one minute, and it’s nice that the player is not forced to beat them to continue.

The upgrade system is basic, but nonetheless interesting and fresh. Relaxing zones, surfboards, or the dance floor can be upgraded to offer more expensive services, other structures can be improved to add blue hearts to any visitor’s patience, or Chloe’s speed can be increased. In contrast to similar games these upgrades and in which order they are purchased really make a difference, which is always nice to notice.
Chloe's Dream Resort
Chloe’s Dream Resort is beautifully animated, features charming graphics, and just oozes style and humor. The dialogue between Chloe and the cook is hilarious at times, the nightmares are both creative and scary, and the descriptions of visitors and their animations during the varying activities are entertaining and just a joy to look at. The only minor problems we found are that there is only one mode and that most of the resorts play pretty similar below the surface. But beside those very small issues the title is nearly flawless and one of the strongest and most entertaining entries of this genre so far.

All in all Chloe’s Dream Resort is a wonderful game that scores at all important points. We are happy to say that this is without a doubt one of the most entertaining time management games we have played since the last Delicious release, and time management fans will absolutely enjoy this extremely polished and unique gem. In contrast to its theme the game is everything else but soporific, and by visiting those resorts you are without a doubt in for a pleasing gaming experience.

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