Castle & Co Review

Patience is a virtue in Castle & Co for Facebook, but its fun characters and unique decorations make it worth the wait.

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Castle & Co is a solid kingdom simulation game that borders on lethargic.

Patience is a virtue in Castle & Co for Facebook, but its fun characters and unique decorations make it worth the wait.

Castle & Co is a kingdom building sim with no overarching story or bad guy to defeat. You spend your time upgrading your castle and purchasing shops such as The Three Little Pig’s houses, toolmaker shed and a veggie shop, so you can make money and expand your kingdom. As your shops earn money, the citizens walk around and perform jobs such as chopping wood and picking apples as a way to illustrate your kingdom’s working economy. If they get bored, you must click on citizen and cheer him up. It’s good to be the king.

Once you have acquired money, you have the option of purchasing more shops or upgrading the ones you already have. If you have a lot of extra cash on hand, you can even buy new terrains including a desert or Avatar’s Pandora if you have Facebook credits.

Castle & Co

Castle & Co is perfect for people that don’t have time to check their games 10 times a day. The game play is easy and will be quickly mastered by even the most newbie gamer especially with the help of the games initial tutorial.

It seems this game be geared towards younger people because of the simple game play and cute graphics. The people and buildings are cartoonish and you are helped by handyman fairies that build and upgrade your buildings.

Where this game really shines is the variety of shops and decorations you have access to from the beginning. If you have the cash, through earnings from your shops or buying directly online, your little fiefdom can have Red Queens Tents, fabric shops and flower shacks and more. Castle and Co. also has many different decoration choices between those you buy with Facebook credits or in-game money and those available free by gifting.

Castle & Co

Earning money can be a slow process, especially if you enjoy visiting and playing a game several times throughout the day. Building and upgrading will take a few hours to complete and then money is accrued gradually. This means you can spend a few hours staring at an undeveloped grassland until the earning and building cycles are completed.

A minor flaw involves the roaming citizens of the game. They wander about aimlessly seemingly able to pick apples from barren grassland and routinely walk through your shops. Although it is pretty funny to see one of the Three Little Pigs trying to chop your castle up for wood, it takes away from the gaming experience. The workers are a nice touch to the game, but they lose their value because of the sheer randomness of their movements. It would be nice to see them go back to the shop to deposit their wares and add an element of realism to the game.

Castle & Co

Overall, Castle & Co is a solid kingdom sim that’s a little on the cute side. It’s perfect for those people that only check their games once or twice a day, but it may put anyone else to sleep.

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      60 out of 100