Cannon Crasha Review

Cannon Crasha is a blast, for the most part.

Cannons have long been an exciting weapon. The act of shooting a giant ball into buildings captivates many, much in the same way people watch NASCAR for the crashes. The cannon isn’t unknown to the gaming world, but Cannon Crasha hopes to shine new light on the oversized gun. The game takes the oversized weapon of old, throws in some tower defense elements, and adds a dash of chaos.

Cannon Crasha kicks off with the story of a kingdom invaded. That’s really all there is to the story. There’s not much important going on, but the lack of a captivating story is hardly detrimental to the experience. Fortunately, there’s still a sense of personality to be found. Before each stage, characters will often banter with each other, usually ending with some sort of silly joke. The game is filled with bits of humor and it fits perfectly with the flow of the game.

Cannon Crasha

Once a level kicks off, Cannon Crasha starts to show its true colors. Most levels work like a one-on-one cannon battle. There will be one castle on each end of the screen.  Both sides will adjust the angle of their cannon, set the power, and shoot. If the cannon ball hits its target, the structure will take damage while the shooting player will earn gold. After five seconds, another round can be fired and the last castle standing is the winner.

There are tons of factors that make Cannon Crasha a blast to play. During a round, both players will earn gold as they attack the other castle. Gold can be used to purchase a ton of different items. Defensive items can be used to slow or completely stop incoming weaponry. Soldiers can be purchased to attack the enemy base from the ground or the air. Different cannon balls can be used for either damage boosts or to stop soldiers. The most fun option is magic that features options such as a rain of frogs or a gold boost. While all the items and power-ups are critical for success, they’re also fun to use, so it can be difficult to use gold wisely.

Cannon Crasha

There are two other game modes that occasionally pop up during the single player campaign. There’s a tower defense-style game where waves of ground and air enemies attack and you’ll need to wipe them out before they do too much damage to the castle. There’s also a goal-oriented mode that will only end the level when certain conditions are met. Neither of these modes are fun and their presence only hurts the overall experience.

There’s not too much in the way of alternate game modes in Cannon Crasha. The Arena allows players to practice any one of the three game types. There’s also a multiplayer mode which currently only allows two players to use the same device. Multiplayer works identical to the single player game, only featuring the standard cannon battle mode. Players can either share the same screen or play split-screen, with each getting their own view of the battlefield. Both modes are fun, but the current lack of multi-device multiplayer is disappointing.

Cannon Crasha

Cannon Crasha is a rather simple game backed by a ton of fun. The standard cannon battles are consistently exciting and they steal the show. It’s a shame that the other gameplay modes are present at all because they do nothing but damage the overall experience. That said, the good certainly outweighs the bad. Players looking for a fun, physics-based game will want to check it out.

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