Caesars Casino Review

Gamble on having a perfectly average time at this virtual casino

If you enjoy the thrill of gambling but would rather not take the risk on losing real money, you have options. You can play for match sticks, or chocolate coins, or bits of cat kibble. Or you can play Caesars Casino on Facebook.

Caesars Casino is a basic casino simulator, however, and is not very exciting. Nobody sits down at a Facebook application in hopes of experiencing Vegas’ thrills, but Caesars Casino is so vanilla that you’ll probably get more out of gambling for the aforementioned cat kibble.

Caesars Casino

In some ways, Caesars Casino plays like a typical social game: you encourage friends to sign up and play with you, and you’re rewarded if they do so. Otherwise, the application more or less delivers what you’d expect from a virtual casino. You can play video slots, blackjack, and roulette, which about does it for the available games. More are apparently on the way, including classic slots and video poker.

The games that are available are decent distractions, though they offer no surprises, and not even much in the way of fun aesthetics. The only exception is the video slots, which are gaudy and loud — pretty much how you’d expect them to be, which far and away makes them the most attractive game that’s currently available on the application. Otherwise, the blackjack table and the roulette are eerily silent, except for the necessary clicks, clacks, and the sound of cards shuffling. It’s like being in a casino that’s located on the edge of Limbo. Maybe you can pretend that you’re gambling with Death for your soul.

Caesars Casino

One interesting feature of Caesars Casino is that you gain levels as you play. Leveling up yields rewards like more coins to gamble with, and the ability to make higher bets. What’s more, you slowly accumulate coins as you play, which assures that you never run out of cash to throw at the dealer. Ideally, of course, you’re supposed to purchase more coins when you get low, but if you want to stick around for the fun of pressing buttons and/or playing hand after hand of blackjack, you can simply continue to make low-level bets.

Caesars Casino is a pretty straightforward game. It’s solid and it delivers an okay gambling experience on Facebook, but its aesthetics are bare-bones, and the availability of only three games at launch makes it feel short and unfinished. If you want the fun of pushing a lot of buttons and getting a response, Caesars Casino delivers that much — but so does pretty much every other game on Facebook.

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