Bubble Blitz Review

Bubble Blitz is less, “Oh good. It’s another bubble-popping game,” and more, “Oh, good! It’s another bubble-popping game!”

Facebook is not hurting for bubble-popping games. Whenever you have the urge to sink your face against your fist while you pop the digital equivalent of bubble wrap, oh boy, does Facebook ever have you covered. It’s hard to be impressed by any sort of shiny bauble-clearing game anymore, really, but Bubble Blitz by PlayQ may actually make you feel joy in your cynical heart. It’s a fast-paced and addictive game with a surprisingly great soundtrack.

There’s actually a story driving Bubble Blitz, something about an evil wizard that’s done evil things to a city, and now you must free said city, etc. It’s not important. What is important is that Bubble Blitz gives you sixty seconds to drop as many bubbles as possible.

Bubble Blitz

You do this by firing colored bubbles from your canon at the bottom of the screen. If you match up three or more bubbles, they disappear, and whatever is below gets dropped. You gain score multipliers by maintaining a successful bubble-popping streak, and at the end of sixty seconds, your score is tallied and ranked against your friends’ scores.

As you progress, you’ll unlock other features. You will, for example, be asked to try and drop random “Juice” bubbles, which are necessary for unlocking ancient items. The acquisition of these items drives the game’s story, which, again, isn’t especially interesting or necessary to follow. Regaurdless you’ll be compelled to try and grab those tricky Juice bubbles anyway.

Bubble Blitz

There’s also a typical assortment of power ups to spend your earned in-game cash on (an hourglass that adds to your allotted sixty seconds, for instance), but you won’t be able to start buying these items until you gain enough experience to reach level 6. It would be helpful if Bubble Blitz let the player spend his or her in-game cash earlier, or simply said “sit tight” in some manner. Otherwise, you end up searching every inch of the in-game store for a chance to spend your coins and looking like a fool for your efforts.

But you might not even fall back on power-ups all that often. Bubble Blitz is not necessarily a game that requires strategy and forethought. The bubble clusters are arranged in a way that makes them easy to drop and clear: it’s simply a matter of making sure that you drop as many as you possibly can in sixty seconds.

Bubble Blitz

That’s not to say the game is boring or unchallenging, either. Bubble Blitz aims to hone the player’s reflexes by challenging him or her to make split-second decisions, and it pretty much succeeds. You’ll find yourself gunning to beat your own score over and over, all to the accompaniment of a strangely compelling and futuristic soundtrack.

Bubble Blitz is definitely worth a play. It’s quicker and less relaxing than traditional bubble-popping games, but its bite-sized gameplay sessions are ideal for getting in a quick game during your lunch break.

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