Brrrmuda Triangle Review

By Mike Rose |

Brrrmuda Triangle is a clever grid-based puzzles which will keep you busy for a good few hours.

Cartoon villains must get awfully tired of losing all the time. Dr. Dastardly knows the feeling, and has decided enough is enough – he’s taking a few weeks out from his evil scheming to go on vacation. Being an evil genius, however, he can’t help but cause a bit of mischief even when he’s on his hols. Brrrmuda Triangle merges a unique storyline with strong, puzzle-based gameplay, although the experience can feel a little shallow at times.

The game puts you in the shoes of the doctor, puzzling your way through the sun, sea and sand. Having been foiled yet again, he decides to take a short break with his Portable Freeze Ray, adding a cold chill to the sweltering surroundings.

Brrrmuda Triangle

On each of Brrrmuda Triangle‘s 160+ levels, you’re presented with a grid of triangles that must be given the big freeze to progress. The doctor’s icy laser can shoot a variety of differently shaped ice blocks onto the grid, and your task is to fill every triangle with the cold stuff before the laser runs out of shots.

There are several levels of temperature that are applied to each of the spaces, denoted by each triangle’s colour and shade. A red space is hot and needs freezing, while a blue one is already frozen enough. A blank space still needs blasting.

The deeper the colour of red in a space, the more you’ll need to fire the ice ray at that particular gap. For example, a light red triangle needs to be fired at twice – once to turn it clear, and a final time to turn it blue. You can, however, freeze a light blue triangle to a darker shade of blue – this is will earn you more points at the end of the level. You don’t receive bonus points for having ray shots left over at the end of a level, so it’s worth firing off all but one of your shots before filling in the final space for maximum points.

Brrrmuda Triangle

Brrrmuda Triangle has a lovely tone throughout, with each grid formed into an appropriate shape based on the current level. Even though you play as the bad guy turning a beautiful sunshine setting into something you’d see at the Arctic Circle, there’s no real feeling of malice or evil – it’s all just a bit of good fun.

Levels start off fairly simple, giving you ample laser shots to complete each grid with plenty left over for scoring extra points. Later levels begin to introduce more tight spaces around the edges of the grid, meaning you’ll have to work out the best method for wasting as little firepower as possible. Working out tactics for fulfilling each level makes for interesting play, as you decide whether to spread the horizontal lines out first, or try to plug the holes early on.

A couple of special weapons come into play too, allowing you to fill in the red spaces quicker than normal, but only a small number of times – again, working out where and when to best use these powers is essential.

Brrrmuda Triangle

As more red spaces are introduced, however, levels become a little more daunting, and certain harder grids begin to feel like a bit of a chore rather than fun. Managing to fill in all but one of the spaces of a grid is a common occurrence and trying to work out the best possible shots can be a real head-scratcher.

There’s not really much to it all, either. Once you’ve been introduced to the different types of ice blast and the few special powers, the grids all begin to look the same after a while, with not much incentive to complete every single one.

Brrrmuda Triangle will provide a good few hours of interesting grid play, but the concept may prove a little too rigid for some.

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