Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams Review – Into the Mist

The Good

Great setting with some wonderful artwork.

Unique puzzles that are challenging without feeling forced.

The Bad

The voice acting feels like it was thrown together in an afternoon.


It’s been 20 years since your little brother vanished in the mist. Nobody believed your story back then — no one except fellow researcher Dr. Haig. Now that the malefic mist has returned, you’ve got one thing on your mind: finding your brother and bringing him back alive. To do that, you’ll need to go into the mist yourself, which won’t be easy.

Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams takes place in an ordinary world on the verge of crossing into fantasy. The strange substance known as the mist seems to be a portal to another place. Fairies and other magical creatures visit its borders, but as soon as they try to pass through, they vanish. It’s not looking good for your long lost brother, but the more you investigate the more you realize there’s still hope. One thing leads to another and you find yourself stepping through the boundary with an unlikely companion in tow.


Most of Bridge to Another World takes place in a series of closely connected rooms blocked off by a puzzle or two. Wandering is kept to a minimum, ensuring you never get lost in a vast world of confusing items and mysterious mini-games. Instead, you’ll move back and forth while handling just a few objects at a time, giving you plenty of head space to seek and ponder your next move.

Speaking of mini-games, Bridge to Another World adds these diversions so liberally you might call it a mini-game collection instead of a hidden object game. Nearly every task you complete comes with a small puzzle, usually something basic like matching symbols on tiles or moving pieces around in the correct order. No real surprises, but the mini-games are actually quite a lot of fun, especially given the dour tone of the rest of the game.


Hidden object scenes feel pretty standard and come with the usual crowded room above and a list of items below. The difference in Bridge to Another World is that many of the objects are interactive, so you’ll have to do a lot of item manipulation than usual in order to get to what you need. Unfortunately, this involves a fair amount of random clicking, something hidden object games could do without.

Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams checks all the right boxes in the casual adventure department. You’ve got a missing family member, a fantasy meets real world plot, and a balanced mix of mini-games, hidden object scenes, and adventure style puzzles to solve. Really, the only drawback to the game is that it doesn’t stretch outside of those boundaries to explore its own niche in the market. The story and setting are what will draw you in, and as soon as you’re hooked you’ll realize there’s a surprisingly good game waiting in the mist.

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