Bridge Constructor Medieval Review

Build your destiny, young squire

Solid, sturdy bridges are vital for modern transportation, but they were a super-necessity in ye olden days of carts and horses. Rickety bridges equaled accidents, which equaled spilled beer, which equaled big sadness. Oh, and shoddy workmanship caused people to die as well. That was pretty unfortunate.

Bridge Constructor Medieval is another bridge-building game from Headup Games. The same rules apply here as in Bridge Constructor: Build bridges that won’t crumple like wet paper when people set foot on them. There are some additional, middle age twists as well.

Bridge Constructor Medieval

As its name suggests, Bridge Constructor Medieval takes place in the fine days of maidens, knights, and dragons (note: There were no dragons slithering around in medieval times. Do not tell your teacher otherwise). You’re tasked with building bridges for a kingdom that’s under siege by a band of barbarians.

When the game begins, the barbarians have laid waste to the land. At first, the bridges you construct are used to ferry supplies back into rebuilding. Soon, you need to learn how to build bridges that are able to withstand enemy fire from catapults.

Oh, and your construction projects should be done as cheaply as possible. In fact, you’re awarded a crown for each level that’s completed under a strict budget. Sure, there’s a war going on and badly-built bridges kill innocent people, but do you think ye king is madeth of money?

Though Bridge Constructor Medieval is wrapped up in a (light-hearted) narrative, what you get is largely the same as what you’ll find in the original Bridge Constructor. With the aid of an on-screen grid, you build sturdy bridges using materials like wood, bricks, ropes, and logs. If all the allotted horses and people make it over the bridge safely, congratulations. You get to live guilt-free for another day.

Bridge Constructor Medieval

The neat thing about Bridge Constructor Medieval is that it offers feedback as you build. When the peasants perform their bridge-crossing, you get to see which parts of your bridge are stressed, and how severely. From there, you can strengthen your supports as necessary – provided you have the budget.

Watching the little guys cross your handiwork can be kind of stressful, though. You wind up holding your breath as green supports turn yellow, then red. Sometimes they snap just as your last horse struggles to pull its weight up over the lip of a cliff. Indiana Jones ain’t got nothing on this.

Though strengthening your defenses against the barbarians is definitely an interesting addition, Bridge Constructor Medieval is enough like Bridge Constructor that it’s safe to say you won’t find much here if you’re luke-warm about the series. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a bore if you have no interest in engineering. Having to pay for hints (in pieces, no less) with hard currency is also sure to turn off some beginners.

Overall, Bridge Constructor Medieval nails some neat new ideas onto the Bridge Constructor formula, but it’s most likely to be enjoyed by lords and ladies that already cherish physics-based construction games.

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