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The Good

Unassuming, stylish design

Premium materials

Highly customisable

The Bad

None, at this price

If you’re the type of gamer that enjoys PC gaming late into the night, a solid chair is essential. Not only will it allow you to game for hours on end in comfort, but it also provides ergonomic benefits, protecting your back and arms from strain associated with sitting for long hours. If you’ve been admiring Boulies latest chair, our Boulies Ninja Pro review is here to help.

We recently got the opportunity to test drive one of the latest and greatest chairs by Boulies, the Ninja Pro, and it definitely ticks all of the boxes. At under $400, it’s competitively priced too. But how does it hold up in practice?

Boulies Ninja Pro Review

Now, we’re going to break down our Boulies Ninja Pro review into various different sections to help break down its various strengths and weaknesses.


After setting up the chair for the first time – which proved to be an absolute breeze thanks to the nifty instructions – we were impressed by its sleek profile. Many chairs of its like look a little too ‘gamer’ for our tastes, while the Ninja Pro could easily fit into most office settings.

It also looks suitably premium – more so than its price point would suggest. That’s thanks to the high quality materials on display. According to the official website, the chair is made of a signature “perforated Ultraflex PU leather with microfiber suede”. This is designed to keep the chair nice and breezy during longer play sessions, and we found that to be largely true. More on that in the next section.

Meanwhile, the armrest is made of aluminium alloy, and it felt really sturdy. There was next to no wiggle – a pet peeve of ours – and it felt very supportive for the elbow and arm. The same material from the chair makes an appearance too, and it feels just as comfortable.

Overall, the high quality materials are very pleasing to the eye, but what we appreciate the most about this chair is the unassuming design. If you’re the sort of gamer that’s put off by “gamer” designs – like us – then this chair will appeal.


But you don’t buy a chair for its appearance, so how does it feel to sit in? Well, that’s where the Ninja Pro really excels. Those materials weren’t just chosen for their appearance, as the chair is incredibly comfortable to sit in. It almost moulds to the shape of your body, and doesn’t get too hot during longer playing sessions.

It also feels really sturdy, and while it encourages you to sit in a more ergonomic manner – protecting your back and arms – it never feels uncomfortable or unnatural. That’s the best case scenario where ergonomics are concerned.

There’s so much that you can adjust to fine-tune your sitting position too, so you’re not stuck if you don’t like the default. You can adjust the armrest, height, tilt tension, and more. There are also head and lumbar pillows, which are as premium – and comfy! – as the rest of the chair.

Of course, you can also tilt it back aeroplane style when you fancy watching a movie or playing with a controller. It’s easy to do, and feels sturdy. We didn’t get the impression that the mechanism would wear with repeated use.

Overall, the chair is comfortable by default, but the sheer number of adjustment options helps to mitigate any issues you may have with it. We didn’t really miss with it much – aside from when tilting it back to watch movies – but your mileage may vary.


We’ve primarily covered the range of features in the comfort section, but the chair has the typical features you’d expect: a 360 degree swivel and adjustable height seat. Then there are the less typical features.

You can fully recline the chair, allowing you to lay back and play a game with a controller watch a movie in full comfort. You can also adjust the tilt of the chair, and lock it in place if you’d prefer not to be sitting straight upwards.

It’s also got 15 degrees worth of rocking, which helps to mitigate the stiff feeling that some chairs have.

Overall, it’s got everything you’d expect in a chair at this price point. The full recline is pretty welcome though, and not particularly common.

Boulies Ninja Pro Review – Conclusion

So, it’s pretty obvious at this point that we feel pretty positive about the Boulies Ninja Pro. It’s an attractive chair with an unassuming profile, which is unusual in the space. If you’d like a chair that’s built for gaming – helping you stay comfortable for long hours at a time – but want to avoid that hideous ‘gamer’ look, this is the chair for you.

It’s a beautiful design that could fit in any environment. But, it’s also a very comfortable chair that’s a joy to sit in. Whether it’s in the default position while you play mouse and keyboard games or work, or fully reclined for controller games or movies, the Ninja Pro doesn’t let you down.

In fact, it goes the extra mile in terms of features. You can pretty much customise every aspect of the chair to suit your own comfort needs, including the tilt, seat height, recline, and armrest position. That means, if you’re unhappy with the default settings, you can tweak it to suit you.

We don’t really have anything negative to say about the Ninja Pro. It does everything you’d expect, and then some. No matter your need, you won’t be disappointed if you get this chair.

You can grab it on the official Boulies website.

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