Bottle Cap Blitz Review

Bottle Cap Blitz is simplistic, but tons of fun.

Bottle Cap Blitz is a specific kind of game. It’s fast, friendly, and free of the bells and whistles and constraints seen in a glut of App Store releases. And without a gorgeous exterior or extraneous additions, it still manages to reel you in and hook you with simplistic, addictive gameplay that channels the likes of Paper Toss, while combining the nature of the hit Fruit Ninja.

It’s simple: ice cubes will come zooming in from the sides of the screen. And instead of Hulk smashing or slicing through them like you might assume is the case, you actually toss bottle caps at them instead. Bottle caps, yes, like those might collect in Fallout or struggle with in real life. Tapping the screen sends them hurtling toward the cubes, and you’ve got 60 seconds on the clock to nail as many melty little cubes as possible. Why ice cubes? Who knows! It works decently enough, though.


Repetition is key here, and like with some of Halfbrick’s greatest releases (namely Jetpack Joyride) as you continue to come back and play again and again, there’s more to learn. You’ll need to start stringing together multi-hit combos to rack up more points and learn to discover hidden items with the cubes and other game-changing dynamics, such as rocks being thrown at you, as well as power-ups that aid you in earning more coins, augmenting normal play, and more. The better and longer you play, the more the game morphs, adding more levels of strategy to keep things fresh.

Power-ups can be purchased at the beginning of each round with coins collected in a previous playthrough. Many of these are useful augments, and will end up bolstering subsequent playthroughs to ensure you’re always learning, and always on your toes. With that said, however, Bottle Cap Blitz can begin to feel a bit repetitive after playing for a while. Though several variables are in place to stave off stagnation, it can wear thin on entertainment value should you sit down and play for hours upon hours. It shines brightest when played in short bursts, especially when you have a few minutes of spare time here and there.

 Bottle Cap Blitz     Bottle Cap Blitz

Bottle Cap Blitz is a slick little timewaster that doesn’t try to be anything more complicated than it is, and instead caters to those who are looking for a trusty app to spend five or twenty minutes with on the commute to work or while sitting on the throne. It does its job, and makes bottle cap tossing pretty darn fun. 

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