Bola Review

A soccer game with great customization, as well as interactive match play, Bola is a must play.

With the surge in motivation of anything relating to soccer by way of the World Cup, it’s no surprise that Bola is one of the most heavily trafficked Facebook games out right now.

Developed by Three Melons, Bola is a soccer game that takes its roots from the console soccer games of years ago. It allows players to manage a soccer team by acquiring sponsors, competing in tournaments, and customizing features out of match play. Bola also allows players to socially network friends and players from around the globe through challenges and friendly games.


Bola is as customizable as they come. For example, there are two in game currencies, Bollars and MelonCash. They’re given when tournaments are played or you play a team, increasing ticket sales. They’re also rewarded through sponsors or winning matches. The currency is used to buy upgrades and customize aspects like the gym (where your players can train and be upgraded), headquarters, and the stadium. Aside from currency, the amounts of fans accumulated are rewarded in experience points. Fans will also be your ticket into leveling up as the games progression becomes a central role in the life of Bola.

The heart of Bola is delivered in the matches themselves. It’s rare we see such a tangible experience of a sports game given to Facebook, as Bola allows players to play and control the entire soccer team. The matches are short, 1:30 to be exact, which defers many games to a 0-0 tie or very few goals. Though Facebook players, like me, don’t have a half hour to commit to when playing this is just too short of a game time.


The simplistic style of the controls can be a deterrent. Adjusting your fingers only takes a few minutes to get the hang of, but that’s not the problem. The issues lie in the sometimes quirky movements of the players and random passing that will inevitably occur, even to the most experienced players. While switching players you’ll find random ones chosen, usually the one you didn’t want to control. Simplicity aside, the ability to develop a strategy is still prevalent. Players with familiarity of soccer will have an easier time bringing Bola to life. When the controls aren’t hindering your fun, triangle passing and give and goes feel brilliant, adding to the in game feel that brings Bola to life.


Bola is a game that inhibits the best of both worlds: casual and core gameplay. With the customization, easy controls, mixed in with competitive match play, Bola delivers more for the mass audience than other niche games do on Facebook. Game developers should take notice to not only the amount of customization in Bola, but how fun it is to actually play in the matches themselves.

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