Bloom Town Review

Bloom Town lets you grow your own virtual flowers, assemble them into virtual bouquets, then send them as virtual gifts.

Bloom Town is a distinctly okay entry in the gardening family of Facebook farm sims. In terms of look and feel it’s quite similar to the Chinese import Miracle Garden. The main difference is that Bloom Town replaces Miracle Garden‘s cross-breeding mechanic with the ability to keep the flowers you grow around. You can then use those flowers to build virtual bouquets that you can send to your Facebook friends as virtual gifts. Bloom Town even prompts you when one of your Facebook friends has a birthday coming up soon.

Bloom Town

The bouquet mechanic is both the best and worst thing about Bloom Town. On the positive side, the virtual gifting is a brilliant way to give a farming sim a social dimension. While almost every social game lets players send virtual gifts to other players, letting you send virtual gifts to any friend who doesn’t have the application blocked gives the game an actual practical use. It also offers a more reliable and tasteful means of viral growth than the blunt game invites that most games use instead.

On the negative side, creating bouquets in Bloom Town yields experience. In fact, it yields more experience that virtually anything else you do in the game. So let’s say you start playing this game and then realize that most of your friends don’t actually like receiving virtual gifts, or maybe you don’t want to send them yourself. You’re dooming yourself to a cycle of very slow leveling up as you grow flowers and then sell them off for cash. So how interesting of a game Bloom Town is will really depend on how much you want to use its virtual gift feature.

Bloom Town

Not only do you level up slowly if you play a game of Bloom Town without sending tons of bouquets, you’ll find you’re playing a game that doesn’t give you a lot of options. Out of the game in Miracle Garden, for example, you have access to four different types of flowers and however many you feel like cross breeding. You’ll gain new types to plant rapidly as you level up. In Bloom Town, you start with two types of flowers to plant and get up to four by the time you reach level 3. You’re up to six by level 4. This feels too slow and makes it easy to become disinterested in the game.

Bloom Town

There are better things than Bloom Town to play on Facebook, but there are also vastly worse ones. Instead, Bloom Town is largely a game worth picking up if you like the idea of sending people virtual bouquets made from your own virtual flowers. You can decorate your virtual house and fields in Bloom Town, too, but this isn’t nearly as much of a main attraction as the ability to make bouquets.

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