Bingo Rush Review

Bingo Rush is the fastest Bingo game in town—until you run out of cards and have to wait for more.

Here’s something fun for you to try. Next time you’re in a Bingo Hall and you land that coveted “Bingo,” don’t settle for simply shouting the word. Instead, really celebrate your triumph. Like, really. Jump up. Laugh. Cry. Scream, “Let every day be a ‘Bingo’ in your hearts!” Then you can go ahead and collect that musty blanket you just won. If you don’t have the backbone to vent your enthusiasm in public, though, you can go ahead and play Bingo Rush for iPhone. It’s a decent single-player Bingo experience, so you can go ahead and scream your love for Bingo in private.

Bingo Rush is a basic Bingo title, so there’s never any confusion about how the game works. The game’s announcer says a letter, followed by a number; you look for a corresponding letter and number on your Bingo card(s) and tap it to mark it down. That’s about it. Bingo Rush does offer a few unique touches to the experience, however. There’s a definite emphasis on speed and intensity: you can play up to six Bingo cards at a time, and each one can house up to four Bingos. A timer counts down as you play your cards. If it hits zero before you manage to make even one Bingo, it’s tough cookies and back to GO.


That’s not to say you walk away from lost games unrewarded. Each game earns you soft currency and experience according to what percentage of the card you managed to daub. You can use soft currency to buy cute little statues and other knick-knacks for your “collection,” though there are some you can only earn by getting two Bingos on specially-marked cards.

There are nine cities to play Bingo in, and nine cities to collect touristy junk from. You unlock cities as you gain experience.

Bingo Rush

Bingo Rush is simple to learn, simple to play, and pretty compelling if you’re a Bingo fan. If you enjoy the interaction and companionship that comes with playing Bingo on social platforms, though, this might not be the game for you: Bingo Rush is all about you versus the timer, and only one shall be victorious this night.

 Bingo Rush also has a couple of noteworthy problems. It’s a free app, and you begin with a significant number of Bingo Cards. However, your supply is whittled down quickly, especially if you like to play multiple cards, and you’re expected to buy more via costly in-app purchases. You can wait around for your stock to replenish, but you get three cards every three hours, which is a pretty pathetic resupply rate.

 Bingo Rush

Also, there seems to be a tiny delay when you daub a number on your card. It’s only a fraction of a second, but when the timer is ticking away the last of its life and you need one more daub for a Bingo, then oh boy, do those fractions begin to add up.

If you’re okay with making in-app purchases, or if you’re okay with going nutty for fifteen minutes and then hanging around for hours while the game recharges your supply of free cards, then Bingo Rush should keep you happy for a time. Give it a try, and don’t forget: let every day be a Bingo in your heart.

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