Barn Buddy Review

Barn Buddy doesn’t stand out amongst all of Facebook’s other farm simulators

Barn Buddy is yet another farming game on Facebook. It has pleasant graphics and a very easy learning curve, but the game itself feels lacking. There isn’t a lot to do in the game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you just want a relaxing farming simulation. Unfortunately, even though the game is easy to play it’s difficult to progress, at least at first.

Everything in Barn Buddy is expensive. There are three forms of currency in the game: regular coins that you earn by leveling up and selling crops, Barn Buddy Coins that you can purchase using Facebook Credits and occasionally can be earned by completing quests, and you can also purchase items using Facebook credits.

Barn Buddy

At the beginning of the game you will not be able to buy more than a few seeds, and the plants that make the most profit take up to a day to grow. There are a couple crop items that grow in less than an hour but you will only make a profit of about 10 coins. You can speed up the growing process by purchasing fertilizer, and while there are several options for fertilizer, only one can be purchased using coins. For 50 coins you can purchase the weak fertilizer that will speed up growth by one hour and you can only use fertilizer once per growth stage. Other fertilizer options need to be purchased using Barn Buddy Coins.

As you progress in the game you can begin to purchase animals. You can buy a dog to protect your crops from theft and farm animals that will produce items you can sell. You can also purchase more exotic animals (who’s farm wouldn’t complete without an African elephant?) and earn money by taking care of them. Additional animals become available when you reach certain levels or when you have a certain number of neighbors.

Barn Buddy

The social aspect of Barn Buddy is a big part of the game. Not only do you need numerous neighbors to unlock certain animals and seeds, but having neighbors is also a good way earn extra coins and experience. When you visit your neighbor you can either choose to be a good neighbor or a bad one. You can take care of your neighbor’s crops by watering, weeding, and spraying for bugs, or you can sabotage their farm by stealing crops, planting weeds, or putting bugs on their crops.

While Barn Buddy isn’t necessarily a bad game, it doesn’t really offer anything unique to the genre. It also doesn’t offer nearly the amount of content that other, similar games have. It’s hard to get hooked on the game as a new player simply because it takes so much time to advance, making the game more work than it is fun.

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