Bake Shop Drop Review

Simplicity in its most delicious form.

Bake Shop Drop plays on two basic human needs: delicious food, and organization. So, while you stack and match cupcakes, cookies, donuts and the like, you also sit and wonder why you aren’t currently consuming cupcakes, cookies, donuts and the like. Assuming you’re playing on a full stomach, you’ll quickly get drawn in by Bake Shop Drop’s simple mechanics, beautiful presentation, and endless puzzle gameplay.

This bakery’s got it going on! Treats line up and fill the center of the display window, most of them grinning out of the sheer delight of existence. When new food appears, click above one of the columns to drop it on the stack. The goal is to make matches of at least three of the same type, clearing the way for more snacks to be brought center stage. You can make matches in any direction, so think beyond the standard horizontal/vertical groups. Diagonals, L-shaped constructions, and all sorts of seemingly disparate designs are fair game, giving you lots of room to create chain reactions and big matches.

Bake Shop Drop

After every four drops new snacks rise from below, pushing the upper levels precariously close to the top of the screen. They’re all packaged up, however, and must be opened by matching food in adjacent squares. Things get crowded pretty quickly, so you’ll have to rely on both economy of moves and special items to keep treats from bumping into the top of the screen. Bonuses are given for matching five or more foods at once, dropping special treats that work like bombs or screen-clearing match makers. Plan ahead for these extras, it’s worth the effort!

To get really far in the endless rounds that make up Bake Shop Drop, you’ll need tons of golden tickets to spend on special items. Golden tickets are the game’s virtual currency that can be earned through regular play, won during the daily spin on the prize wheel, or purchased through the in-game store. You gain levels by playing rounds and new items are unlocked when you hit certain milestones. Hearts limit the number of games you can play each hour, preventing you from spamming the replay button to gain a fast level or two. If you really want that column-chomping bear claw, you’ll have to play a few dozen rounds over the course of several hours. It’s tough work being good at a puzzle game, isn’t it?

Bake Shop Drop

Bake Shop Drop keeps things laughably simple, ditching any sort of gameplay gimmicks or wacky new modes and focusing on a pure puzzle experience. Through repetition you slowly earn new items and unlock new ways to play, gradually adding depth to the game. It’s a perfect setup for quick rounds played throughout the day, and since micro-transactions never hinder the experience, the entire game is a delight each time you fire it up. The bright colors and charming animations really hit the experience home. Why can’t all bakeries be this boundlessly cheerful?!

Bake Shop Drop is one of those cute, simple, well-illustrated games that are great for unwinding at the end of the day. No stress, just lots of matching, satisfying chain reactions, and tasty cookies. The only real downside is you might crave a baked good or two after playing. Even the soft thumping of cupcakes hitting the ground sounds delicious!

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