Avenue Flo: Special Delivery Review

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery is a fresh and enjoyable Diner Town sequel.

One year ago, PlayFirst introduced Avenue Flo, their first adventure title incorporating characters from Diner Dash, Wedding Dash and its other time management games. So how does the anticipated sequel, Avenue Flo: Special Delivery, compare? Let’s just say PlayFirst might as well have wrapped it in a bow and written “To our beloved Fans” on the tag, because it’s truly a gift to the franchise.

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery continues the adventures of diner-pro Flo and her talented wedding planner friend, Quinn. This time around, Quinn’s been hired to plan a lavish surprise baby shower for expecting Diner Town characters, Vicky and Tony. But when a next-door puppy party gets out of hand, the preparations all fall to disaster. It’s up to Flo to help Quinn restore the shower to even greater heights, which would be simple enough if expecting mother Vicky hadn’t gone missing, too. Will Flo and Quinn be able to save the day without spoiling the big surprise?

 Special Delivery

The immediate familiarity of Diner Town and its characters will be a treat for long-time fans. This adventure-based portion of the Dash series continues the framework set by the previous title, introducing more and more characters from Diner Town as fully-fleshed and charming citizens. Each one even features a unique quality voice actor, which really brings them to life. Polish this off with smoothly animated cartoon graphics, a cheerful soundtrack, and a light-hearted yet involving story, and you’ve got yourself a very attractive new title.

The gameplay of Avenue Flo: Special Delivery is very concrete. There are three main portions of the game, each with several locations and tasks, without ever getting overwhelming. A helpful To-do List and Map are always at the ready to help you keep track of your progress, and characters are almost always willing to help.

Complimenting the adventure gameplay are a variety of unique and entertaining puzzles, which are neither too difficult nor too easy, but feature a very welcome challenge difficulty without ever becoming frustrating. Then there’s the bonus Activity Mode accessible from the game’s main menu, which allows you to replay puzzles with more levels and higher difficulty. There’s also a bonus Trophy feature that keeps track of your achievements? While simple, it’s surprisingly fulfilling.

 Special Delivery

In fact, the only real downside to the game is the fact that there’s no hint system available for the main adventure gameplay. While it’s not necessarily needed, there will likely be a time or two where one illusive item will keep you from progressing, and not knowing what it is can be a drag.

Avenue Flo: Special Delivery might seem a bit short on first impression, but there’s no filler here: it’s all high quality gameplay from start to finish. The essentials are highly similar to the previous title, but it’s original enough to come off as new and fresh. While the game itself may not feature much in the way of replay value, it will certainly keep you entertained for several hours.

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